MW3 players furious as game has become filled with ads

Shay Robson
Modern Warfare 3 character aiming weapons on Rio map

Modern Warfare 3 players are furious with the devs, claiming the game has become filled with ads.

In-game cosmetics have become a huge focus for Call of Duty, with each update releasing more and more weapon skins and operators.

While some don’t mind grinding or even paying money to unlock the various cosmetics, it’s certainly become a controversial topic in the community. Recently, players have lashed out at the devs for releasing “silly skins” instead of more realistic-looking ones. And not only that, some have even accused them of using AI to help generate new cosmetics.

Nevertheless, players are furious once again, this time taking issue with the game being filled with ads.

MW3 players claim game has become an “ad”

In a Reddit thread on February 27, one MW3 player kicked off a discussion explaining how it feels some new cosmetics are just an in-game advertisement.

“This is… literally just an ad for the new show. Why would I ever want this on my gun?” they wrote, referring to the ‘The Ones Who Live’ decal in The Walking Dead Michonne operator bundle.

Since MW3’s release we’ve had a ton of crossovers hit the first-person shooter, such as The Boys and more recently, The Walking Dead.

And while some players don’t have any issues, many are frustrated, to say the least. “That’s all CoD is now. One huge ad,” one player wrote.

“Buddy, all these stupid events and skins that don’t fit the CoD universe are ads. Always have been ads,” another replied.

Regardless, it’s clear CoD shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, with data miners revealing a potential collaboration with Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K is in the works.