MuTeX denies Warzone cheating allegations after Cronus spotted on desktop

. 1 year ago
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Warzone streamer Charlie ‘MuTeX’ Sauoma is under fire after viewers spotted a cheating program, Cronus Pro, on his desktop. MuTeX has rubbished the accusations, explaining why he has the application.

In high-level Warzone, competitive integrity is constantly under scrutiny, as players often suspect the best players of potentially cheating. In January, 100 Thieves’ member Tommey accused a world-record holder of using hacks, kicking up major controversy.

MuTeX is one of the most high-profile Warzone streamers, and himself a holder of multiple world records. He regularly attracts thousands of viewers to his stream, but this also means there are many viewers there to see if they can catch him ‘cheating’.

On July 7, a clip from MuTeX’s stream began circulating, and some viewers noticed a program labeled Cronus Pro on his desktop.

If unaware, using a Cronus can give a player unfair advantages like aim assist and rapid-fire mods. Using Cronus has become a major problem in Call of Duty, and many players at the highest levels of play have been accused of using it.

MuTeX’s responds to Cronus accusation

MuTeX went to Twitter to respond to the clip that showed Cronus application on his desktop.

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“I just want to address the whole ‘Cronus sitatuion.’ Some guy clipped my streaming desktop today, and it showed that I had the old Cronus program, the Cronus Pro,” MuTex explained.

“I used to use a Cronus, back in the day, when I used to compete in WWII.” In past Call of Duty LAN events, players were required to use a Cronus Max, to avoid Bluetooth interference.

MuTeX denies the cheating allegations and says that he used to use a Cronus for its tournament mode at LAN events during the CoD: World War II era. He says that many players during this time would practice with and bring their own Cronus to events as the ones provided would cause various issues.

MuTeX jumped right back into his stream to attempt to clear his name from cheating.

In the clip, MuTeX has already deleted Cronus from his computer and is showing to his viewers that he does not have the program running during the stream.

In a follow-up Twitter video, MuTex says that he always shows his setup in full before every stream, to prevent any accusations.

Use of Cronus devices in Warzone have become an increasing concern, as players using them can be hard to detect. However, MuTex, as a former competitive player, would have needed to own and likely practice with the device, in preparation for LAN events.

MuTex no longer competes in Call of Duty, and exclusively plays and streams Warzone.

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