CoD player turns Nerf gun into real-life Warzone sniper

Jacob Hale
warzone spr sniper stadium

A Call of Duty player is bringing the essence of Verdansk to the real world with a Warzone-inspired Nerf gun sniper.

Gaming fans are always finding new and creative ways to support their favorite titles, be it through insane fan-art, realistic cosplays, or even more basic things like creating ideas for reworked characters or maps.

The Call of Duty and Warzone community is no different, always finding ways to take their fandom to new heights.

There’s no better proof than this incredible Nerf gun sniper, which looks like it could slot perfectly into the Verdansk meta and wreak havoc across the map.

warzone ghillie suit sniper
You wouldn’t look out of place using this Nerf gun in Warzone.

While it doesn’t seem to be built based on one singular weapon, this creation from MakerToast appears to bring together the coolest features of a number of them to complete the look of something that wouldn’t look out of place on a Downtown rooftop.

As one commenter points out, the gun looks like a perfect blend of the SPR, AX-50 and Rytec AMR, and MakerToast even decks it out with the beautiful gold camo that only the best in Verdansk can adorn.

It’s all the more impressive when you realize they thrifted it for $5, turning it into a truly priceless commodity with just a bit of creative and mechanical know-how. They published a video looking at the design process, as well as a collection of images.

The finished product looks exquisite and really does look like it would fit in in Warzone. In fact, just looking at the images, you wouldn’t be mocked for thinking you were simply looking at a 3D model of one of the in-game guns.

MakerToast has truly exceeded any expectations here, and created a product that Warzone players would definitely love to buy. Though they say they won’t be selling them anywhere, there are certainly fans asking for it.