Most outrageous Call of Duty trickshot of all time goes viral

Andrew Highton
cod black ops character sat down

CoD trickshots may not be as popular as they once were but they are still performed on a regular basis, and one has recently taken social media by storm and gone viral.

When you think of Call of Duty trickshots you think of the early days of FaZe and OpTic pulling off insane 360 no-scopes around the MW2’s Highrise map. YouTube’s big rise to prominence in the early 2010s also helped to catapult CoD into the spotlight, as well as up-and-coming trickshot artists.

As the years have gone by, trickshot compilations have faded into the background more as the rise of competitive esports has taken over the scene. However, there’s still a market for CoD skills and a viral CoD trickshot has proven that the art form is well and truly alive.

firing range map in black ops 1
The original CoD Black Ops had some of the franchise’s best-ever maps.

A quite frankly ridiculous CoD trickshot from Black Ops 1 was shared by FaZe member Lucas “Blaze” Mosing on Twitter and the popular Call of Duty player implied that the feat had been achieved quite recently.

“Black Ops 1 has been out for 10 years and this might just be the best thing I’ve ever seen,” he said of the footage.

It’s still quite unbelievable, but the player in question, during a game of Search & Destroy, set up two Camera Spike gadgets and then proceeded to plant the bomb. The clip then cuts to the player standing much further away as they fired their gun at some stairs in front of them.

It seems confusing at first, but it becomes clear on a second viewing that they were altering the angle of the surface to allow the Grenade Launcher round they fired to bounce off it and go on an improbable journey.

The grenade bounced off the shot-up stairs, hopped off of a roof, hit a satellite, ricocheted off a wall, before inexplicably bouncing off a Camera Spike, hitting another wall, colliding with the other Camera Spike, smashing through a window, boinking one final time off of a cliff, before clipping an enemy in the heel to win the round.

There’s no mistaking that the precise nature of the setup and the degree of difficulty displayed here meant that it was no fluke or accident, it was a completely premeditated trickshot of the highest order.

Unfortunately, we can’t verify who the player was who pulled off this magnificent trickshot, but credit to them as we can’t even begin to fathom how many hours this took to pull off.