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Modern Warfare leak reveals 13 new Operators and what they look like

Published: 12/Nov/2019 23:58 Updated: 13/Nov/2019 9:10

by Eli Becht


Modern Warfare launched with 18 operators, but a leak has revealed plans for at least 13 more in the future.

The Call of Duty franchise took some risks, originally with the Black Ops series, by introducing Specialists which were skins that had special abilities, and caused no end of controversy in the community.

With this latest installment, the Specialists are no more, instead, they are simply called operators, which are purely cosmetic, with no special abilities, so there’s nothing to worry about on that end.

However, you’ll still want to pay attention to who you pick so you won’t run around looking like everyone else on the battlefield.

If you’re not satisfied with the current roster of operators, then you’re in luck, as a new leak has revealed a whopping 13 more are on the way in the future.

Modern Warfare Modern Warfare has several new operators on the way according to a new leak.

According to Reddit user Senescallo, these new operators will be split between the two factions almost evenly with six coming to the Allegiance and the other seven going to the Coalition.

It’s also possible that there will be more coming in the future if this is true, since it’d be strange the devs leave it on an odd number.

A look at the upcoming operators.

What’s even more interesting is that the third operator from the end looks distinctly like former Seattle Seahawks runningback Marshawn Lynch, which would be pretty cool to see given his fondness for the series.

One thing that was not mentioned is a price tag. All of the new content that has arrived in Modern Warfare so far has been free of charge, but that doesn’t mean it’ll remain that way going forward. We’ll keep you posted on any news on that front going forward.

It’s important to note this remains just a leak for the time being so don’t take it as an absolute fact until we get official confirmation from Infinity Ward.

Modern Warfare is less than a month old still so it’s clear there’s a long future in front of it in terms of new content and it has already received new maps, so getting some more operators certainly seems like a possibility.

Call of Duty

NICKMERCS’ overpowered VLK Rogue Warzone loadout kills in “one shot”

Published: 29/Nov/2020 20:53

by Theo Salaun


Shotguns have dominated the Call of Duty: Warzone meta for a while now and FaZe Clan’s NICKMERCS thinks that a souped up, “one-shot” VLK Rogue class might be the next one up. 

First, it was the Origin-12 that supplanted the MP5 as everyone’s favorite secondary weapon in Warzone. After that got nerfed, people pivoted to the R9-0, also known as the “Doof Doof,” which, bolstered by Dragon’s Breath rounds, knocks fully armored enemies in just two shots.

Now, in anticipation of a nerf that many are hoping will come to the R9, Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff is taking TimTheTatMan’s suggestion and trying out the VLK Rogue. While many have become somewhat enamored with the semi-automatic shotgun in the early game, given its potency as ground loot, few have truly experimented with it in their loadouts.

Basing his class on Tim’s, Nick ran a Dragon’s Breath-powered VLK in a game with Swagg and the results were surprising. Although it may not overtake the R9 until nerfs come through, the potential is undeniable.

vlk rogue shotgun modern warfare
Infinity Ward
The VLK Rogue doesn’t look that big, but it packs a punch.

Noting that Tim and chat had been telling him to try the VLK, Nick built out a class for it and proceeded to drop a casual 30-bomb. Using the Kilo 141 at range, he managed to pull off some nasty close-quarters kills with the Rogue, suggesting it may actually be viable. 

Here’s the full class that Nick used to bully enemies with the VLK:

  • Muzzle: FORGE TAC Marauder
  • Barrel: 16” Warlord
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Ammunition: 8-R Dragon’s Breath
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

After taking some time to get his loadout, Nick got his first kill with the Rogue at about the 6:20 mark in the video. In that fight, he encountered a bathroom camper and easily one-shot him as the enemy tried to turn the corner. 

Pulling off similar kills throughout the big game, the popular streamer proceeded to confirm suspicions that this shotgun really could play into the next meta once the R9 gets nerfed.

“If the R9 nerf actually does come in, do we think that the VLK is gonna take its place? Personally, I do. I think this is next up. If the R9 gets nerfed, I think people go to the VLK (or maybe we go back to the MP5).”