Why hasn’t MW2 Remastered been announced for Modern Warfare?

Paul Cot

Modern Warfare might be generating a lot of hype but a portion of Call of Duty fans are more interested in the prospect of MW2 Remastered.

It’s no secret that the Modern Warfare series is arguably the most popular and has produced the two best selling CoD games. There’s still plenty to be revealed for the quintessential Modern Warfare 4 game and one surprise could be it will indeed include MW2 Remastered – although this is far from guaranteed.

It is looking increasingly unlikely it will release at launch if it does at all. It begs the question for a game that is undoubtedly one of the most popular of all time, why hasn’t the remaster been announced yet?

Infinity WardWill another of Modern Warfare games get a remaster?

Infinite Warfare and MWR

Why was Modern Warfare Remastered bundled alongside Infinite Warfare though, many of you may ask.

We might never know the original plan for MWR – it could have been scheduled to launch alongside Infinite Warfare all along or could have been rushed forward.

One theory is that the initial reception to Infinite Warfare was so bad that the cult classic was bundled with it in an attempt to boost sales.

Evidence of this poor reception came by looking at the like/dislike ratio on the Infinite Warfare trailer. It received an astounding 3.8 million dislikes which means it had an 86% dislike ratio.

In contrast, Modern Warfare has been very well received amassing a 97% like to dislike ratio.

Could MW3 Remastered come first?

The Call of Duty community are assuming that MW2 Remastered will be the next classic CoD game to get the remaster treatment. It makes logical sense, seeing as chronologically MW2 comes after MW1, but it is by no means certain.

Many long-term Call of Duty fans will say MW2 was the best game but, commercially at least, MW3 was the most successful. It currently holds the record of all CoD games for units sold – more than 30 million.

So, from the perspective of what sells best, the higher-ups at Call of Duty could opt to release Modern Warfare 3 first.

Some might question the logic behind this but after all, the fourth installment of Modern Warfare wasn’t named MW4.

Infinity WardCould MW3 Remastered come before MW2?

Campaign only?

Cue CoD fans rolling their eyes. It has been a prominent rumor that MW2 Remastered would release as a standalone campaign mode.

This makes little sense as the majority of the Call of Duty community want to play MW2 multiplayer. It also doesn’t make commercial sense either.

However, it could be a tactic to split the games up in order to increase hype. A MW2 campaign remaster would get some fans excited and still leaves the multiplayer portion of the game in their back pocket.

Infinity Ward has kept tight-lipped about MW2 Remastered so far but maybe that’s a good sign…