Modern Warfare leaks reveal CSGO-style weapon animations coming soon

Brad Norton
Modern Warfare Obsidian weapon camo

[jwplayer m8miFj2M]Custom Blueprints across Modern Warfare and Warzone will soon be admired in all-new ways as fresh leaks have revealed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-type animations on the way.

Infinity Ward’s latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise offers a great deal of weapon customization. Players can fine-tune dozens of attachments and adjust the visual appearance of every gun in the game. Custom designs transfer across both regular multiplayer and Warzone’s expansive Battle Royale modes as well.

Despite nearing the end of Modern Warfare’s time in the spotlight – as Treyarch’s 2020 release draws near – Warzone is still pressing forward. Regular updates and huge seasonal changes are continuously pumped out as the free to play release is set to carry on through the next generation of consoles.

As a result, certain refinements and brand-new additions are still in the works. One such addition seems to be a huge set of weapon animations in the same vein as those in Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

A July 6 video showcases new ways to admire your guns in Modern Warfare. The leak highlights animations for the MP5, the Grau 5.56, along with the RAM-7. 

Similar to CS:GO’s weapon inspections, players will soon be able to view their custom Blueprints from new in-game angles. Your Operator will display the weapon with one hand, holding it to the side before rotating it and gripping properly once again.

The leaked animations appear nearly identical across Submachine Guns and Assault Rifles, however, so there’s no telling if there will be any variation with other weapon types. Though you would imagine heavier weapons such as Light Machine Guns or Rocket Launchers would have their own.

Inspecting weapons has long been a popular feature in CS:GO, as players flaunt their most valuable skins. With certain Modern Warfare cosmetics pushing players to their limits to unlock, it could be a welcomed addition to have new ways of showing them off.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon inspection
Weapon inspections are a popular way of showcasing expensive skins in Counter-Strike.

There’s no indicating when these may be deployed across Modern Warfare and Warzone. Given that these animations were plucked from the game’s files, they could still be in early development. Perhaps a future seasonal update will sneak them in, or maybe they’ll be held off for quite some time.

In the meantime, there’s plenty of fresh content being added to the Battle Royale. New Spotter Scopes can be used to track enemies from afar, while pivotal killstreaks could soon be appearing in Buy Stations.