Modern Warfare glitch hints at Juggernaut mode in Warzone


A Warzone weapon glitch has seen Miniguns randomly appearing as ground loot, and it could be pointing towards a brand new game mode for the free-to-play title.

Warzone has undergone a plethora of changes since it first launched in March. Most recently, Infinity Ward opened up the twelve bunkers that are dotted all over Verdansk.

Each of the bunkers is littered with in-game loot that (if you get your hands on it) greatly bolsters your chances of earning extraction from Verdansk’s warzone.

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Bunker 09 in Warzone.Activision
Behind each set of doors is a sea of loot that players can fill their boots with.

Alongside the Bunker 11 easter egg that could be potentially teasing some significant map changes, there could be a brand new weapon coming into the mix.

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Ripped straight from Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, the Minigun that the Juggernaut wields (15 killstreak) has been glitching into player’s games in Warzone.

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While players can’t directly interact with the weapon, they can see a full model of the weapon on the ground (like they’re able to pick it up).

Minigun in Warzone.Whyshne (Reddit) / Infinity Ward
The Minigun render is appearing in place of the actual weapon that player’s pick up.

So what does this mean? Well, given that the weapon is there in the first place shows that it’s in the Warzone game files. So does this mean that Juggernauts are coming to Verdansk as we know it?

Well, not necessarily. Juggernauts in Warzone would be devastatingly overpowered — they would tear through an entire team in seconds and would prove almost impossible to kill.

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Juggernaut Warzone mode?

But what if they were added to their own exclusive mode, away from the tactical gameplay that Warzone has become known for? This is a theory of prominent Call of Duty data miner, ModernWarzone, who explained that there has been hints that a mode of this nature could be added sooner rather than later in a Tweet on May 23.

According to the leaker, the mode would revolve around teams fighting for the Juggernaut suit to provide a spin on the current meta.

Given that this might not be for everyone, a separate playlist for a fun spin on the classic Warzone feel would definitely be the way to go. Although, this is merely a tidbit of info extracted from the game files and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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