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Modern Warfare glitch hints at Juggernaut mode in Warzone

Published: 24/May/2020 16:34

by Andy Williams


A Warzone weapon glitch has seen Miniguns randomly appearing as ground loot, and it could be pointing towards a brand new game mode for the free-to-play title.

Warzone has undergone a plethora of changes since it first launched in March. Most recently, Infinity Ward opened up the twelve bunkers that are dotted all over Verdansk.

Each of the bunkers is littered with in-game loot that (if you get your hands on it) greatly bolsters your chances of earning extraction from Verdansk’s warzone.

Bunker 09 in Warzone.
Behind each set of doors is a sea of loot that players can fill their boots with.

Alongside the Bunker 11 easter egg that could be potentially teasing some significant map changes, there could be a brand new weapon coming into the mix.

Ripped straight from Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, the Minigun that the Juggernaut wields (15 killstreak) has been glitching into player’s games in Warzone.

While players can’t directly interact with the weapon, they can see a full model of the weapon on the ground (like they’re able to pick it up).

Minigun in Warzone.
Whyshne (Reddit) / Infinity Ward
The Minigun render is appearing in place of the actual weapon that player’s pick up.

So what does this mean? Well, given that the weapon is there in the first place shows that it’s in the Warzone game files. So does this mean that Juggernauts are coming to Verdansk as we know it?

Well, not necessarily. Juggernauts in Warzone would be devastatingly overpowered — they would tear through an entire team in seconds and would prove almost impossible to kill.

Juggernaut Warzone mode?

But what if they were added to their own exclusive mode, away from the tactical gameplay that Warzone has become known for? This is a theory of prominent Call of Duty data miner, ModernWarzone, who explained that there has been hints that a mode of this nature could be added sooner rather than later in a Tweet on May 23.

According to the leaker, the mode would revolve around teams fighting for the Juggernaut suit to provide a spin on the current meta.

Given that this might not be for everyone, a separate playlist for a fun spin on the classic Warzone feel would definitely be the way to go. Although, this is merely a tidbit of info extracted from the game files and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Call of Duty

Nadeshot clarifies SBMM argument in Black Ops Cold War rant

Published: 3/Dec/2020 2:10 Updated: 3/Dec/2020 2:15

by Jacob Hale


Update (December 2 – 6:00 PM PT): Nadeshot has since followed up on his Skill-Based Matchmaking rant, addressing how it’s easy to lose your temper while grinding for specific weapon camo challenges.

“SBMM is a topic of discussion that has a lot of nuances,” he said in a December 2 follow-up tweet. “What I really want to clarify once and for all… I don’t have a fear of playing players as good as me. I don’t disagree with the idea of playing against players as good as me. All I’m asking for is that people see the level of skill I’m playing at.”

Obviously, a ranked playlist of sorts has been requested to no end in the community. While the feature has been subtly confirmed, it’s still yet to enter the game. Therefore, the only form of matchmaking is standard public games, which happen to have SBMM cranked all the way up.

“If I’m going up against six starting players in the Call of Duty League, I want a rank to reflect that. I understand why SBMM is a necessity, I just don’t agree with the way it’s presented. Right now it’s ambiguous, you never really know who you’re up against and the level of skill they’re at.”

The original story is as follows.

Skill-based matchmaking has been a major complaint from top Call of Duty players for years now, and 100 Thieves CEO and former pro player Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has finally snapped, going on a rant against SBMM in the new Black Ops Cold War.

Nadeshot has never made it a secret that he, alongside a huge number of Call of Duty players, is anti-SBMM.

Though the sentiment makes sense — pit players of equal skill against one another — in practice, many players aren’t happy with it and want to see it removed or at least tuned down.

Nadeshot clearly falls into that category, and let his opinion be known during a December 1 stream while playing on the latest edition of Nuketown, Nuketown ‘84.

black ops cold war cartel
Black Ops Cold War has been welcomed with mixed reviews, but SBMM has been a major sticking point.

As you can tell immediately from the scoreline alone and the carnage unfolding around him, the match is an intense one, and he wasn’t impressed.

He said: “It’s time to lower the skill-based matchmaking. This is not fun. I know we want the kids that have never played Call of Duty to be in a safe space, but please stop alienating the people that have been playing your game for over a decade.”

That wasn’t all, though, as Haag continued to complain as he struggled to make much of an impact on the game. “This is not an enjoyable experience,” he said. “Especially trying to get the challenges done on these weapons… Everyone’s got a scorestreak because it’s participation and not skill.”

Both the SBMM and scorestreak complaints have been popular ones for Black Ops Cold War players, and the sentiment seems to be echoed from the top down.

Whether Activision or Treyarch make changes to either issue remains to be seen, but we might not see Nadeshot streaming Black Ops Cold War for too much longer at this rate.