Modern Warfare glitch actually created the best gun skin in the game

Infinity Ward

A player who stumbled onto a fiery bug in Modern Warfare may have actually just discovered the best weapon in the entire game, purely by accident.

People have seen more than a few visuals inconsistencies for Infinity Ward’s latest jump into the Call of Duty franchise, but this time it could actually work into their favor since the player-base might actually want a way to repeat the bug.

While playing through the campaign mode, Reddit user ‘Logan_magill25’ noticed his Kar98k was set ablaze out of nowhere. He respawned with a barrel on fire, infinitely enflamed on the part just in front of the scope mounted on top.

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Infinity Ward
Modern has a ton of bugs, but some could actually turn out to be good.

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The player wasn’t taking any damage from the effect, rather it was a random occurrence that Logan_magill25 just happened to catch.

“Yes I was throwing a Molotov while I died,” Logan explained by recalling the steps they took to figure how the bug happened. “But I have no idea what happened I couldn’t get it to work again it might have saved just at the right point.”

Even sprinting and aiming down the sights didn’t get rid of the glitch, as his gun was on fire without burning.

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But this looks like it could be a strange opportunity to capitalize on for the devs, as community reception for the bug hasn’t been bad at all.

Fellow Reddit user ‘Tr1pleJay’ said: “One of the coolest bugs in gaming history lol.”

While the bugged Kar98k looked aesthetically pleasing, when the player looked down the scope you could see that the top half portion of the lens was too lit – making it useless in any practical application.

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Kar98 Modern Warfare burning fire bugLogan_magill25 via Reddit
Scoping down didn’t let the player see all that well, but fires encircling the outside rim of the scope when aiming would make for an interesting skin concept.

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But there’s actually a precedence of Call of Duty devs giving into their community and mistakes by incorporating a bug as a feature for the actual game.

“This is similar to [Sledgehammer Games’] WWII ‘pitch’ black camo,” user ‘JohnKSteb’ said. “It was an unintended bug that completely removed camos and gave it a very black look. EVERYONE loved it. So, Sledgehammer decided to LISTEN to the community and their next update they added the bug to the official camos.”

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And it’s true, they linked a thread for the bugged M1903 in MWII with players filling that forum up with a similar reception to that of the burning Kar91k.

peakcold via Reddit
Infinity Ward can take a page out of Sledgehammer’s playbook and make a bug in their game into something great.

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But there could be some improvising to do with the fire, however, like simply making the flames fan out around the rim of the scope, creating an impromptu effect for the scope’s boundaries when ADSing. This isn’t too common in FPS skins today, however.

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The bug presents a rare opportunity for Infinity Ward to get some positive community feedback from some players who might think that “THIS is the Damascus skin we all deserve!”

It would definitely be the most captivating gun design in Modern Warfare, making it interesting to see if the devs can capitalize on a bug that accidentally made the best skin in the game.

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