Modern Warfare exploit makes defusing impossible in Search & Destroy

Tanner Pierce

A brand new Modern Warfare exploit, discovered by a Reddit user, uses a trophy system to make defusing the bomb in Search & Destroy next to impossible by raising it into the air. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds.[jwplayer L7zZP3SQ]

Search and Destroy is a classic CoD multiplayer mode. Two teams with no respawns have to fight over bombs around the map. One team has to attack and destroy the bomb, while the other team has to protect and defuse.

In order to defuse the bomb, however, the team actually needs access to it and under normal scenarios, the attacking team will automatically drop the bomb once it’s planted. Unfortunately, a new bug has been discovered that essentially moves the bomb so far out of bounds, that there’s no possible way to pick it up in order to perform that crucial defuse.

Getting the bomb to land on top of the trophy system is one of the keys to this exploit.

The bug, which was discovered by Reddit user OGGigi, basically raises the bomb so far above the planting site and the player that there’s no possible way to reach it without using some exploits of your own.

This is done by placing a trophy system a certain distance away from the site, planting the bomb so that it lands right on top of the aforementioned equipment, and then destroying it. As seen in the video posted on Reddit, this essentially shoots the bomb so that it’s floating high above the site.

The worst part is, this isn’t the only bug that’s been discovered involving SnD and trophy systems. A couple weeks back, players discovered a bug that would allow throwing knifes to basically float inside of the bomb so that when the enemies went to try and defuse it, it kill them immediately.

With these types of problems, Search and Destroy is slowly but surely becoming an unplayable game with bugs that Infinity Ward needs to fix as soon as possible.