New AS VAL shoots through unlimited walls in Modern Warfare & Warzone

Calum Patterson
AS VAL inspect in Modern WarfareInfinity Ward

What appears to be a major glitch with the new AS VAL Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare and Warzone has been discovered, allowing the weapon to kill enemies through multiple walls with no damage penalty.

Although bullet penetration has been in Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare in 2007, usually it’s limited to just one wall or surface, and there’s usually a significant damage drop-off when shooting through a solid object.

However, with a specific attachment, the AS VAL, added in the Season 6 update, doesn’t care at all how many solid walls are in its way — it will simply take down opponents all the same.

After some players noticed very strong bullet penetration with the 10 round mags attachment, one player decided to push the theory to its limit, with surprising results.

The AS Val in WarzoneActivision
The AS VAL is the newest AR you can use in Modern Warfare and Warzone

On the St. Petrograd multiplayer map, the player used split-screen to show how extreme this bug is. The opposing player stood on the opposite side of the map, with approximately SIX whole walls between them.

“So walls have no affect on the 10 round mags for the Val,” the player wrote, posting the clip to Twitter.

In it, he’s able to put down the enemy player in only three shots – as if he was standing right in front of him, not the other side of the map.

You may now be asking yourself, what about FMJ? The player who shared this clip, @WhiteChickenYT, explains that using the FMJ weapon perk actually makes the bullet penetration worse on the AS VAL, not better.

Perhaps this is because it corrects the penetration to the values it should be at, rather than the clearly broken ones with the 10 round mag attachment.

Of course, using the 10 round mag does also put you at a bit of a disadvantage in regular gunfights, where you might find yourself having to reload a lot more often.

But, in Warzone, this could work as the perfect back-up weapon: something to finish off opponents as they run for cover, because with the 10 round mags, cover is no obstacle for the AS VAL.