Modern Warfare beta access issues hit Xbox One players

Eli Becht

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has opened up its beta to PS4, Xbox One, and PC but the Xbox players are being met with a plethora of issues when they try to play.

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The second beta period is now available for Modern Warfare and this time it’s giving players on every platform a chance to play, but things haven’t exactly gone to plan so far.

Players on Xbox One have been reporting issues with access, with a message informing them that they’re too early to start playing.

ActivisionThe Modern Warfare beta is acting up for Xbox One players.
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Obviously, that’s incorrect as the beta is now available for everyone, but only those on Microsoft’s platform are running into this problem.

The Activision Support Twitter page finally revealed they are looking into the problem, after about an hour of players complaining about the issue.

“Hey Xbox players If you’re trying to get in the beta and are receiving a “you’re too early” message we’re currently working to resolve this,” they wrote.

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This beta marks the first opportunity players have to test out the new cross-play function of Modern Warfare, something that will help unify the playerbase.

There’s a lot new about this year’s entry but some of the biggest news was the complete implementation of cross-play between Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

ActivisionCross-play is open for the second beta of Modern Warfare.
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The alpha and beta that came before were both PS4-exclusive, so players didn’t have a chance to see how the game handles every platform at once.

Opening the game up to PC players with console players opens up a can of worms for many players as PC will offer higher framerates and better performance across the board.

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If you’re an Xbox One player, you do have access to the Xbox One X which is currently the most powerful console on the market so you’re not seeing a completely different experience if you’re on console.

We’ll keep you updated on when Activision solves the issue with beta access for players.

Update 1: Activision says the issue is resolved, but players are still reporting problems.

We will continue to keep you updated.

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