Modern Warfare 2’s crazy “two-shot” pistol outguns SMGs and ARs

Modern Warfare character pointing pistol towards groundActivision

Looking to get ahead of the curve with your loadouts in Modern Warfare 2? You might want to consider giving a “crazy” two-shot pistol a go. 

Following on from the early access period for the campaign, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer has finally gone live, giving CoD fans around the globe the chance to dive into the new game.  

The multiplayer side of MW2 has undergone a few changes from the multiple beta weekends, but there are still a few complaints from players centered around TTK, the maps, and the new Gunsmith system – especially when it comes to unlocking guns. 

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If you’ve grinded your way through things a bit, you’ve more than likely got most of the weapons on offer for you to use. If that’s the case, you may need to rejig your loadouts and run the P890 pistol as it’s rather deadly. 

“Crazy” two-shot pistol outguns MW2 SMGs and assault rifles

That’s right, instead of forcing Overkill into a class, you might want to just settle for a normal pistol as your secondary weapon. Why? Well, as YouTuber JackFrags points out, it’s pretty “crazy” at the minute. 

“You don’t need any attachments for it or anything like that and it absolutely just deletes people,” the YouTuber said on October 30, showing multiple examples of him taking down enemies in two shots. 

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“This thing is absolutely crazy. I think the two-shot distance is super close, maybe three meters, but you can actually outshoot like SMGs, assault rifles, and sometimes shotguns if they miss,” he added, further proving his points with a handful more kills. 

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As the YouTuber was blown away by the “insane” damage dealt by the pistol, some viewers couldn’t help but celebrate. “Yes! A proper meta pistol for once,” said one. “That’s stupid OP,” added another. 

Naturally, if the weapon is a bit too far on the overpowered side of things, Infinity Ward will likely step in and tone it down a bit. Though, the game has only been out for a short while so there might be a bit of a wait before that happens.

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