Modern Warfare 2 players demand fix for broken “one sided” smoke grenades

Modern Warfare 2 smoke grenadeActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players have called on Infinity Ward to finally end issues with “one sided” smoke grenades in Season 2. 

Much like its predecessor Call of Duty: Vanguard, Modern Warfare 2 has suffered from a number of bugs and glitches affecting the average user experience. 

We’ve seen issues vary from a “locked game” all the way to persistent and infuriating game crashes

One bug relating specifically to gameplay centers on smoke grenades, which players have pointed out as malfunctioning previously. 

Specifically, players have noticed that an enemy within a smoke grenade or on the other side can see through it to a degree not replicated for other players. As a result, players have hit out at “one sided” smokes. 

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MW2 players demand “one-sided” smokes fix in Season 2

In a January 26 Reddit post, one player highlighted the ongoing problems with smoke grenades. 

On Santa Seña Border Crossing and aiming blindly into a smokey area, the player is taken out by an enemy who, as revealed by the killcam, had much better visibility. 

Another player echoed the issues, sharing a similar clip on Taraq. “Look at the difference in snow on my screen and the kill cam. Ridiculous.” 

Others agreed and demanded a fix on the developer’s end when Season 2 drops on February 15. 

One player joked that it’s “Smoke Based Matchmaking,” while another said: “This happens almost every time. Smokes are broken on multiplayer. My enemies see through them like nothing was there.”

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Infinity Ward have already revealed many fixes based on the most prevalent issues and community feedback. Here’s hoping the smoke grenades can be added to the list and work as intended once Season 2 drops.