Modern Warfare 2 players blast “abysmal” stat loss prevention system

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivision

A Modern Warfare 2 player provided video evidence showcasing significant flaws with the game’s stat loss prevention system.

When Modern Warfare 2 initially launched, players surprisingly had no way to track their stats. Battlefield 2042 suffered from a similar conundrum during its release, excluding a scoreboard. Activision and EA controversially decided to remove classic legacy features, frustrating both sets of fans.

After listening to complaints, BF2042 eventually added a scoreboard, and MW2 received stat tracking in the Season 1 update. MW2 players can track their KD, weapon statistics, and win/loss ratio. Warzone 2 players don’t have an official way to track stats currently, but CoD content Tommey discovered a simple workaround.

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Community members praised Activision’s decision to re-introduce a Combat Record, yet a bug prevents the feature from working correctly.

modern warfare 2 attachmentsActivision Blizzard
The Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 update added a way for players to track multiplayer stats.

MW2 players feel cheated by stat loss prevention bug

Players can check their win and loss ratio as part of the Combat Record. Similar to other FPS titles, MW2 prevents players from earning a loss on their stats if they join a match in progress

A Reddit user posted a video joining an MW2 multiplayer match in progress. They lost the match but still received a loss.

One player responded, “hopefully, this post gets more attention, so this could be fixed.”

A second user added, “So that’s why I have a .30 W/L. I felt like I didn’t lose too much, but it’s because I instantly leave in-progress games 1-2 minutes from being over.”

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Community members hope the thread can go viral and catch the eye of developers. “The company needs to be put under scrutiny through the proper channels.”

We will provide an update if their voices are heard and the developers issue a fix to the loss prevention system.