Modern Warfare 2 players are feral for new “well-equipped” Operator skin

Hutch got a new look with the Foxy Operator skin in Modern Warfare 2.Activision

Modern Warfare 2’s newest Tracer Pack bundle contains the Foxy skin for fan-favorite Operator Hutch, and fans have gone feral over the “well-equipped” design.

Hutch has been at the center of the community’s collective discussion on February 26 thanks to the release of the Red Fox Tracer Pack.

The skin adorns the big man with some fox ears, a striped shirt, and a few other Vulpine-themed cosmetics. The skin’s description reads “Hutch proves cosplay has a place on the battlefield,” and while that’s innocent enough, fans have all honed into something a little less PG.

There is quite a noticeable impression around the skin’s nether region and the internet is having a field day over the implication.

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Modern Warfare 2community reacts to “well-equipped” MW2 Operator

There have been multiple threads of people in disbelief over this addition to the game, with some praising the bold decision to include it, and others mortified to even see it on their screens.

Call of Duty streamer BritBratTV was one of many who grabbed a picture of the Operator’s preview screen, and she couldn’t hold back from pointing out how obvious it is.

“I mean he is PACKIN’ HEAT,” she joked.

The Modern Warfare 2 Reddit community took things to the next level, with many making comments that are best left inside the thread itself and not on this page.

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One of the more tame comments called Hutch “well-equipped” and labeled the Foxy attire “a reactive skin” – implying that it changes as players go on higher killstreaks with it.

While it was fun and silly for some, others were slightly disturbed by the addition, with one player adding that “they no longer know what to expect” from the community.

This one is certainly a wildcard addition to both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, but unless Infinity Ward makes some last-second changes, it’s likely that fans will see plenty of Hutch in their lobbies going forward as players embrace the meme around him.

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