Modern Warfare 2 players are desperate for meta LMG to finally return

Kurt Perry
Modern Warfare (2019) soldier running with Bruen Mk.9 LMG, a gun MW2 players want back,

With the absence of a new light machine gun since MW2’s launch, Modern Warfare 2 players have grown desperate for an LMG to be added and it’s a once meta-defining weapon they want back most.

LMGs have played a big part in Call of Duty ever since the first entry. They offer players the opportunity to live out the fantasy of firing a full 100 rounds and taking out an entire enemy team without having to reload.

However, in MW2 and Warzone 2 it is the only weapon type that hasn’t received a new gun since launch. There’s been four assault rifles, two submachine guns, two shotguns, two marksman rifles, two snipers, two handguns, two melee weapons, and a battle rifle but no LMG.

The lack of a new light machine gun hasn’t gone unnoticed and now the CoD community is calling for one to arrive, and ideally a specific one.

MW2 players want Bruen LMG to make a comeback

When discussing which LMG they would like to see make a comeback, users on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit named the M240B and M249 SAW.

The post reads “There has not been a single LMG added since launch,” with a humorous image attached mocking the MX Guardian shotgun‘s arrival in Season 4 Reloaded.

CoD fans jumped on the opportunity to show their support responding “Bruen meta was the best meta,” and “The M240B would be sick.”

Be it either the M240B or the M249 SAW that has featured in several previous Modern Warfare games, it seems fans would be happy with either. The last appearance these guns made in a Call of Duty game was Modern Warfare (2019) when it was added as the Bruen MK9 in Season 3.

The SAW wasn’t the only light machine gun that players asked for though. Some other popular suggestions included the PKM, MCX Spear, and M60E4.

Interestingly, the PKM made an extremely brief appearance in the Season 3 Multiplayer Trailer for Modern Warfare 2. However, it was not added in that season and has not come since.

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