Modern Warfare 2 player reveals simple counter for Killstreaks


Spawning and repeatedly dying to aerial support Killstreaks is a nightmare, but a Modern Warfare 2 player unearthed an easy counter.

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer can be an unforgiving experience. Every player can recall at least one memory of getting spawn trapped by the opposing team and endlessly dying to a Gunship, Overwatch Helo, or Chopper Gunner.

The harsh reality is nobody wants to equip an anti-air secondary and trying to shoot down the Killstreak manually usually ends in disaster. Unbeknownst to most players, one of MW2’s Killstreaks is a perfect counter to aerial support, and most players didn’t even consider it an option.

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A Modern Warfare 2 player showcased why most players use the Cruise Missile wrong in multiplayer matches.

Modern Warfare 2 player discovers actual use for Cruise Missiles

Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks listActivison
Gunships are devastating in Modern Warfare 2.

A Modern Warfare 2 player posted a video on Reddit of how to destroy a Gunship easily. They used a Cruise Missile Killstreak, and instead of diving it straight into the ground, they cleverly shot it back into the air and took down a Gunship in one fell swoop.

The Cruise Missile only requires six kills of 750 points, which most players can obtain. In comparison, a Gunship requires 12 kills or 1500 points and was taken down effortlessly.

One player responded, “I would be so pissed if I had that Gunship, but I would be so happy if I were your teammate.”

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Cruise Missiles work on other killstreaks, as one player tested it out on a VTOL and Chopper Gunner. However, not every community member believed it was the best use of a Cruise Missile.

A second user argued, “don’t waste a Cruise Missile on one of those when you can shoot it down with a SO-14 with incendiary rounds in three seconds.”

The player who posted the clip clapped back, “if you have a missile ready, you don’t need to die to switch to the SO or RAAL and then die again to switch back to your favorite weapon.”

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Whatever you decide to do, there are plenty of ways to take down those pesky aerial support Killstreaks.