Modern Warfare 2 specialist reveals eight “broken” Killstreaks

Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks listActivison

The LA Guerillas revealed Modern Warfare 2’s best Killstreaks, dependent upon different multiplayer play styles.

Modern Warfare 2 features 19 different Killstreaks, but players can only equip three at once. On top of that, players decide if they want to earn streaks through kills alone (Killstreaks) or through focusing on the objective (Scorestreaks). Everyone approaches 6v6 multiplayer differently, and understanding the best possible loadout is essential.

An ideal loadout realistically determines the number of possible kills or points earned over the course of a match. If you aim too low, you will miss out on the game’s best streaks, and if you shoot too high, it will be impossible to earn anything.

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The Los Angeles Guerillas took into account varying levels of skill and crafted four different streak combinations.

Best Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks and Scorestreaks

Juggernaut killstreak MW2Activison
The Juggernaut killstreak MW2.

The LA Guerrillas Tik Tok shared different streak combinations for different types of players.

First up, the assassin setup uses UAV, Counter UAV, and Advanced UAV to reveal an enemy’s location constantly. This combination is great for going after a Nuke because it allows you to have a good feel of your surroundings.

Next, the team player combination features UAV, Care Package, and Cruise Missle. This trio combines “recon and fire player for clearing the objectives.”

If you are extremely confident in your gun skill, then the LA Guerillas recommend a slayer playstyle. Equip a Chopper, AC-130, and Juggernaut, with the primary mission of “making enemies rage quit as fast as possible.”

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Lastly, if a player considers themselves a mix of all three different playstyles, the TikToker recommends using UAV, Chopper, and Advanced UAV for a balanced mix of surveillance and slaying power.

Sit back, honestly assess your playstyle, and then equip one of these four combos to make the most out of MW2’s streak system.