Luminosity Gaming Secure Top 3 At CWL Anaheim Knocking Out UNILAD

Calum Patterson

The losers final at CWL Anaheim $200,000 Open saw top North American team Luminosity continue their run by eliminating UNILAD in dominant fashion.

UNILAD were hot coming off their big win over OpTic Gaming, which came down to a nailbiting round 11 in game five, but couldn’t replicate up against Luminosity.

LG were definitely in form despite being knocked down out of the winners bracket by Red Reserve, as they demolished FaZe Clan in a 3-0 sweep.

And they clearly gained their confidence back just in time to take on UNILAD, who looked a shadow of the team that had just knocked out OpTic on the main stage.

Map one was fairly close, but Matthew “FormaL” Piper continued to show much improvement in his slaying, and combined with a very strong performance from Jordan “JKap” Kaplan who managed 36 kills they won 250-189.

Search and Destroy on London Docks was map two, and it was a very one sided affair, as UNILAD managed to only put a single round on the board, losing 6-1.

Luminosity struck first again on capture the flag, going into the half with a 1-0 advantage, and eventually closed it out with a 3-1 win.

John was still being flashy with the sniper in SnD, almost finding a ridiculous quick scope onto Seany.

Luminosity go on to face the winner of Red Reserve and Rise Nation in the losers final with a spot in the grand final up for grabs.

UNILAD will still take a lot of confidence from their fourth place finishes and particularly their big wins over OpTic and FaZe earlier in the tournament, and will take that confidence into the CWL Pro League and Champs.

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