League Play & BO2 Express map confirmed for Black Ops Cold War Season 1: release dates & info


Treyarch has confirmed that even more content will be coming to Black Ops Cold War as part of the Season 1 Reloaded update, including the highly requested League Play competitive mode and an iconic Black Ops 2 multiplayer map called Express. 

Black Ops Cold War’s Season One Reloaded update dropped on January 14, adding tons of new content for the game’s multiplayer and Zombies modes. However, Treyarch also announced that there would be even more coming later on in the season.

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Perhaps the two biggest additions on the way are the train-station Express map from Black Ops 2, and League Play – the fan-favorite ranked mode that brings competitive play to public lobbies.

Here’s everything we know so far:

When is Express coming to Black Ops Cold War?

Express Black Ops 2 mapTreyarch
The iconic Express map from Black Ops 2 is coming to Black Ops Cold War!

Black Ops 2’s Express has always been regarded as one of the better maps in Call of Duty history. Set in a California train station, the map contrasts the interior’s tight and close-quarters hallways and rooms with the wide-open outdoor area that allows players to traverse in and on top of the various trains parked on the platforms.

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Due to the stylistic differences between the eras of Black Ops 2 and the BOCW, it remains to be seen if Treyarch are going to make any changes to the design of Express to better match it with the setting of the new game since such high-speed trains might not be time-appropriate.

Either way, we’ll find out on Thursday, February 4, 2021, when the map is scheduled to go live.

When is League Play coming to Black Ops Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War Season One Reloaded RoadmapTreyarch
The Season 1 Reloaded Roadmap reveals that League Play is coming soon to Black Ops Cold War!

No mode or feature has probably been requested more by the CoD player-base than League Play, which is a ranked playlist that follows the official competitive ruleset, meaning that only the weapons, attachments, perks, and equipment used in the Call of Duty League are allowed.

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It was always assumed that League Play would eventually get released in BOCW but it wasn’t officially confirmed until Treyarch’s community manager recently did so on Reddit.

Now, we have an even more clear idea of when the mode will be arriving – Activision confirmed that it’ll be “in-season,” meaning sometime before the end of Season One. According to the Battle Pass, S1 will be wrapping up around February 24, which means you can expect League Play to be live on or before that date, barring any unforeseen delays.

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