Karma Jokes About Methodz Taking his Spot on OpTic Gaming

Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow is arguably the greatest Call of Duty player of all time, with three Champs victories.

As Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni found out, the CoD GOAT is also legendary at quick comebacks.

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Karma has been streaming the Black Ops 4 beta and enjoys using the Ruin Specialist.

Ruin is one of the more popular Specialists due to his Grapple Gun, which allows him to fly around the map.

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Black Ops 4 does not allow duplicate Specialists on the same team, so while playing together, Methodz picked Ruin before Karma could. Then this happened:

Of course, Karma is referring to Methodz replacing him on OpTic Gaming.

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The WWII competitive season was a down year for OpTic compared to their lofty standards, the core of Karma, Scump, Crimsix and Formal failed to win an event.

With rumors swirling of personal disagreements and the team not practicing enough, OpTic broke up one of the most successful CoD rosters ever.

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Octane came in to replace Formal in an AR swap, but Karma was also cut in favor of Methodz.

Karma has occasionally expressed regret about not being being able to compete this season, though the smirk on his face clearly shows his snappy comment was only messing with Methodz.

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