Kill Confirmed Added to Black Ops 4 Beta, Plus Lots of Weapon Buffs and Nerfs

Calum Patterson

For the third day of the Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta on PlayStation 4, Treyarch have rolled out an update to add Kill Confirmed, as well as lots of weapon tuning changes.

After only 48 hours, Treyarch have been listening intently to the feedback from fans on social channels, and have responded with daily updates.

For Sunday August 5, Kill Confirmed will be added to the Chaos TDM playlist – that means it will be played 6v6 rather than 5v5.

  • Added Kill Confirmed to Chaos TDM
  • Update to lock the specialist select button to prevent players from dying when switching specialists in Search and Destroy
  • Numerous Stability Fixes


For weapon changes, they have looked at and identified possible balance issues with a number of weapons available in the beta, patching some already.

Weapons Tuning

  • Auger DMR – The Auger is performing pretty well, but it could use a little help filling out its mid-long-range precision role, so we improved its ADS sway stability for tighter long-range engagements.
  • ABR 223 – The ABR provided too large of a power-spike across the board, so we’re toning it down a tad by making the following modifications:
    • Slightly reduced damage so that it requires 3 headshots to kill instead of 2.
    • Slightly reduced hipfire accuracy so that it is not overly effective in close quarters.
    • Reduced ammo count to encourage more tactical use and placement of shots.
    • Increased ammo gains from Extended Mags to compensate for overall reduced ammo count.
  • Titan – The Titan needs some love to reach its potential as a high-capacity suppressive weapon. We improved ADS recoil so that long-range gunfire is more effective staying on target. Additionally, we improved hipfire accuracy for a slightly better chance to defend in close quarters.
  • MOG 12 – Players are still unlocking attachments and adapting to the new playstyle of shotguns in Black Ops 4. That said, we’re seeing low performance and can give the MOG a boost to make it more competitive. Today, we improved damage for enhanced “clean up” ability to finish off players.
  • GKS – The GKS is intended to be a longer range, accurate submachine gun. We’ve improved the recoil to let it blossom more into that role. We’re keeping a close eye on this one and may adjust it again in the near future. Today, we improved ADS recoil for more precision on medium-range targets.
  • Cordite / Spitfire / SAUG 9mm – We identified trends that were showing SMGs overall being too effective at longer ranges. Today, we reduced damage dealt on targets at the weapon’s farthest distance range.
  • MX-9 – Out of the gate, we wanted to make sure players had a solid SMG to play with. It may have been a bit too solid, so we’ve adjusted accordingly. We reduced close-range damage so that it doesn’t have such dominant TTK over other weapons. We also reduced far-range damage to bring it in line with other SMGs.

Treyarch also tweaked some of the equipment: 

  • Barricade – We decreased the angle of the microwave area of effect for a tighter cone of damage to focus in its role of directional area denial.
  • Ballistic Shield – Increased the shield movement speed to provide players more defensive capability when using this equipment.
  • 9-Bang – Increased the stun radius to affect a larger overall area of detonation.
  • Combat Axe – Reduced the cooldown time so that players can earn this faster.

You should have less framerate issues too, with a fix for the issues which mainly occurred on the map Gridlock added.

Finally, Treyarch also addressed the lengthy lobby loading times, which they say are caused by pre-loading the maps.

Lobby Times & Map Loads

One last thing: the lobby timer (time between matches) is long. We know. This is something that we’re still working to dial in, but we’ve added map pre-loading to lobbies, which means that the time you normally spend watching a static load screen is now front-loaded to lobbies where players can do stuff like edit classes, change Scorestreaks, and check out stats in the After Action Report. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s something we’re working to improve for launch.

The beta is still live on PS4 until Monday August 6 at 10am PT. It will then return next weekend, August 10-13 for Xbox One and PS4 players

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