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JoshOG hits MAX level on Call of Duty Blackout – Emblem and unlocks

Published: 16/Oct/2018 12:56 Updated: 16/Oct/2018 15:58

by Calum Patterson


Streamer JoshOG has become one of the very first players to hit max level in Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode, granting him a selection of rare gear and customization options.

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Blackout’s level system is similar but completely separate to regular multiplayer, acting as it’s own unique game almost, like Zombies.

And it has it’s own unique unlocks, emblems, challenges and calling cards too, as Treyarch has fleshed it out to be a fully progressive experience.

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Currently, the max level is set at 81, which will grant you the very final outfit, ‘Battle Hardened’, which is pretty badass to say the least.


You also get a unique emblem for hitting 81, but the main attraction is certainly the battle hardened character.

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It means that JoshOG now has every skin which can be unlocked with ‘Merits’, which includes other militaristic skins like Navy Seal and US Ranger.

As for the other skins in Blackout, the specialist characters can be unlocked through the ‘Specialist HQ’ missions, which can be a slog to get through, but are rewarding.

It is also expected that Treyarch will add more skins in the future, and perhaps they will increase the max level cap to allow for even more high level skins.