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Treyarch outline plans for major Black Ops 4 update

Published: 15/Oct/2018 22:29 Updated: 15/Oct/2018 22:38

by Wyatt Donigan


Even though the game has only been out four days, Treyarch has been hard at work improving Black Ops 4 with yet another update planned for this week.

During the entire launch weekend, multiple updates have been pushed out for Black Ops 4 on all platforms.

Now that we’ve moved into the new week, it looks like Treyarch isn’t going to stop bringing consistent updates to the game and ensuring that players have the best experience possible.

Not only did they announce a new, larger update coming later in the week, but Treyarch also discussed other issues on their radar and what the release schedule of future updates will look like.

At the forefront of Treyarch’s attention are four different issues covering a variety of topics.  Some of them are small, such as emblem editor issues and disappearing optics, and some are bigger, such as performance in the quads version of Blackout and Search & Destroy custom games ending after round 7.

Moving forward, Treyarch stressed that while updates won’t be rolling in on a daily basis like during launch weekend, fans can expect Reddit updates “about 2-3 times a week.”

You can read Treyarch’s full statement below:

Community Update – Oct. 15

Mondays, right?

To everyone stuck at work today after one hell of a launch weekend… we feel you. Our coffee game is very strong today. Just remember: the grind will be waiting for you when you get home. And for those of you in later time zones who are already home and playing again, just know that you’re the envy of the rest of us.

Later this week, the team is planning a larger game update that will bring some key improvements and new additions to Black Ops 4. In the meantime, we’re currently tracking the following topics:

  • Performance in Quads
    • We’re aware that some players are seeing fluctuations in network performance in Blackout Quads (particularly on Xbox One), and the team has been actively investigating. This is not an easily identifiable issue that happens for all players, and internal testing hasn’t shown it to be consistent. We’ll update everyone when we’re closer to a solution.
  • Disappearing Optics
    • We’ve seen some reports that the Red Dot and other Optics can sometimes temporarily disappear when aiming down sights. The team is investigating this for a fix in a future update.
  • Emblem Editor Issues
    • Some players have experienced unexpected behavior with the Emblem Editor, including layers that can’t be deleted, distorted images, and other issues that occur after adding several layers to the Emblem. While many players have been able to create some truly amazing Emblems already, we know it’s not an optimal experience for everyone across the board and we’re looking into it. There are a lot of moving parts here (literally) and some of these items may affect how other items perform, so please bear with us as we work on improving this experience.
  • Search and Destroy Custom Games
    • As we mentioned in a previous update, we’re aware of some issues specifically present in Custom Search and Destroy matches, particularly with matches ending after round 7. We’re planning to address these in an update soon.

Not seeing a specific topic listed above? Check out our previous updates since Launch here:

October 12: Welcome to Launch!

October 13: Launch Weekend Begins

October 14: Zombies Balancing Pass, MP updates, and more

Now that we’re moving out of the Launch window, you can expect more time between these Reddit updates (about 2-3 times a week), and higher potential impact from future game updates. For example: we issued daily improvements to Black Ops 4 over the game’s first weekend to make some quick fixes and balancing changes, whereas the update coming later this week will be a bigger one.

We’ll have more details to share on that later this week – until then, don’t forget to tag your most insane gameplay clips with #CODTopPlays on Twitter for a chance to be featured by Call of Duty, and keep your feedback coming here and FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Have fun out there.


Source – Reddit

Call of Duty

How to get Cleaver melee blueprint in Warzone

Published: 21/Oct/2020 16:45

by Jacob Hale


With the Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event arriving in Warzone, fans have been treated to a bunch of spooky new content, but among the most popular is the Cleaver melee weapon.

During Haunting of Verdansk, players will be able to drop into a new mode with Zombie Royale, as well as pick up new Operator packs based on popular horror films Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

On top of these new features, Trick or Treat offers players the opportunity to earn a bunch of new weapons and cosmetic items across the map; but you have to know where to find them.

The Cleaver has become instantly popular, with fans wanting to get their hands on the melee weapon, but it’s not easy to do if you don’t know where to look.

Warzone cleaver MP5 loadout
YouTube: VVaby
Warzone players are all trying to hunt down the Cleaver.

Although the Cleaver in the ‘Halloween Event’ tab says it’s unlockable in the Gulag, you’ve actually got to head to Prison, in the southeast corner of the map, to unlock it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do:

  1. Land at Prison, or make your way over there after dropping (we recommend landing there to maximize your chances).
  2. Head down to the underground section of the POI, which leads all the way down to the Gulag showers.
  3. Clear out any enemies before they can open chests.
  4. Start opening loot chests for yourself, and hope the Cleaver unlocks — this is completely random, so there’s no definite way to tell which box will hold the Cleaver.
  5. Look out for a banner to stretch across the screen saying “Gulag loot found. Blueprint unlocked.”
  6. Once this pops up, the Cleaver will be added to your inventory. Play out the rest of the game, or quit the match to get it on your loadouts straight away!
Warzone Cleaver blueprint
Expect to see a lot of Cleavers in action during the Halloween event.

Once that’s done, you can take the Cleaver into matches to shut down enemies and slay zombies in the new Zombie Royale mode.

Pair this with your new Saw or Texas Chainsaw Massacre skins, and you’ll be the scariest soldier in Verdansk.