JGOD reveals which one-shot sniper to avoid in Warzone 2 Season 3

Ryan Lemay
Victus XMR Warzone 2.0

Season 3 added one-shot kill capability to three sniper rifles in Warzone 2, and JGOD revealed which one to avoid.

Sniper rifles are finally relevant again in Warzone 2’s meta. For the first few months of the battle royale sequel, LMGS and ARs reigned supreme for long-range engagements because sniper rifles couldn’t one-shot kill enemies as they once did in Warzone 1. Season 3 returned the forgotten class back to its former glory.

By equipping explosive ammunition, the MCPR-300, Victus XMR, and FJX Imperium can now one-shot kill enemies with a headshot. However, the change is a double-edged sword as the ammunition type increases damage range by a whopping 40% but also decreases bullet velocity by 40%.

Lower bullet velocity makes it much harder to hit enemies further away. With players needing to account for drastic bullet drops, choosing the best-one-shot sniper rifle can be a daunting task.

JGOD dissuades players from using Victus XMR sniper rifle in Warzone 2

alejandro sniping in cod warzone 2
Sniping is back and better than ever in Warzone 2 Season 3.

JGOD tested the MCPR-300, Victus XMR, and FJX and revealed which two weapons players should use.

“After you look at these weapons pretty closely, it narrows down not necessarily which is the best, but which one is the worst out of the three to completely avoid.”

The YouTuber compared the rate of fire, muzzle velocity, ADS time, magazine size, and reload speed for all three weapons.

Most notably, the Victus XMR ranked worst in every category besides reload speed.

JGOD compared bullet drops using explosive ammunition and concluded: “The Victus XMR is miserably low, so I think this crosses it out, and I would avoid using it at all costs.”

As for which is best, the YouTuber argued it comes down to personal preference between the MCPR-300 and FJX Imperium. The MCPR has a slightly slower fire rate, but you don’t need to reload in between each shot, as you do with the FJX.

The MCPR also has a larger magazine size of 10 compared to 5, so JGOD believes: “Overall, I think more people will gravitate towards the MCPR, with the exception of solos,” because a larger magazine is less important in solos.

We have you covered if you need the perfect MCPR-300 or FJX Imperium loadouts.

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