JGOD explains why you’re using the wrong suppressor in Warzone 2

Ryan Lemay
JGOD on new Warzone Ashika Island map

JGOD compared the three best suppressors in Warzone 2 to decide once and for all which reigns supreme.

Making a loadout in Warzone 2 can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. Players can equip five attachments at once, and tuning is a new feature that must be taken into account.

Tuning allows players to tailor attachments specifically for different playstyles. For example, while editing an under-barrel attachment, you can focus more on recoil stabilization or aim down-sight speed.

JGOD tried his best to simplify loadout building by revealing the best suppressor attachment in Warzone 2.

What is the best suppressor in Warzone 2?

JGOD compared the Zulu-60, Echoless-80, and Harbinger D20 to discover which muzzle is actually the best in Warzone 2. 

TheXclusiveAce originally tested all three attachments and found exact values for how they impact weapons. The Echoless-80 improves range by 14%, velocity by 30%, and slows down TTK by 86 milliseconds. 

The Zulu-60 improves range by 5%, velocity by 20%, and recoil by around 2-3% while suffering a 71-millisecond penalty. And finally, the Harbinger D20 improves range by 14%, velocity by 30%, and recoil by 3%. 

Most players have opted to use the Harbinger D20 on ARs since it offers the most benefits, but it also comes with the largest ADS penalty of 108 milliseconds.