Warzone 2 guru explains why you have been tuning wrong

Warzone 2 players landed on Ashika Island on February 15.Activision

After extensive testing, the LA Guerillas discovered the best way to reduce recoil through tuning in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 added a new layer of customization to class creation with tuning. The feature allows players to tailor attachments specifically for different playstyles. For example, while editing an under-barrel attachment, you can focus more on recoil stabilization or aim down-sight speed.

As community members became more accustomed to the system, players discovered a right and wrong way to utilize it. Every attachment has a different sweet spot, and it’s up to the player to maximize a weapon’s potential.

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In wake of the Season 3 update, the LA Guerillas sought to find the best way to alleviate recoil with the help of tuning.

What is the best way to reduce recoil in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2?

Attachments offer three types of recoil reduction in MW2 and WZ2; stabilization, smoothness, and steadiness.

The LA Guerillas tested all three to discover which eliminated the most recoil. Stabilization and smoothness failed to make a strong impression.

“Stabilization reduces the side-to-side bounce, but it still feels hard to control. After testing most guns, we confirmed that smoothness is useless.”

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Smoothness is seemingly tied into a less erratic spray as opposed to compression, giving the edge to recoil steadiness as the most useful, and the LA Guerillas explained why.

“Steadiness compresses the overall recoil. So when making your class, tune towards steadiness.”

However, the TikToker warned not to max out the slider as it will drastically slow your weapon down. He suggested moving the slider until you notice a big jump in the graph, which is considered the sweet spot.

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In the Season 3 update, Infinity Ward increased the upside of most attachment stats and decreased their downsides. The change makes weapon tuning have more of an impact on a gun’s performance. It’s important to keep that in mind, while tuning your attachments.

The next time you are building a loadout in WZ2 or MW2, focus on using attachments that offer recoil steadiness.

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