JackFrags “convinced” Warzone 2 damage is hugely bugged after inexplicable deaths

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CoD content creator JackFrags has explained why he’s “convinced” there are major issues with weapon damage in Warzone 2.0, sharing his investigation in a December 9 YouTube video. 

Warzone 2.0 has got off to a strong if imperfect start. Issues surrounding crashing bugs and complaints over time-to-kill have been mitigated by an appreciation of the new Al Mazrah map.

However, some anecdotal evidence has pointed towards inconsistencies with weapon damage. 

Specifically, he pointed to the fact that snipers unanimously cannot one-hit. Some players, though, have reported being knocked instantly by enemy snipers. 

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This was at the centre of the YouTuber’s investigation after he was killed inexplicably quickly by random opponents. 

YouTuber uncovers inconsistent and “bugged” damage in Warzone 2.0 

Explaining that his investigation is “observational” rather than exhaustive, Jack did say that his findings have led him to be “more convinced” that there are major problems with weapon damage in WZ2. 

Specifically, he shared a clip of him being dropped in one-hit by an opponent using the Victus XMR sniper

Dropping into lobbies with a friend and using three different Victus builds – all of which were tuned for max damage, found that there is no loadout that can drop enemies in one hit. As a result, it’s not clear how the enemy managed to knock Jack in a previous match. 

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Similar inconsistencies were found with melee damage. An enemy knocked Jack successfully in two melee hits, despite not having the necessary attachments equipped to increase melee damage. 

He summarized: “Inconsistency is the key word here – because it leads to surprising and frustrating gameplay experiences for the playerbase when the time-to-kill and time-to-death feels like it varies so much from match to match.” 

The most obvious cause is indeed a bugged damage system, but Jack explained that he does not have enough evidence or stats to determine the issue specifically. 

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At the time of writing, Infinity Ward have not responded to the issues. Now they’re out in the open, though, players will want an explanation.