Infinity Ward respond to broken AS VAL wallbangs in Warzone Season 6

Theo Salaun
warzone AS VAL

[jwplayer br5AuoVJ]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 introduced a new assault rifle to the game, the AS VAL, but the reign of terror caused by its wallbangs is coming to an end, as Infinity Ward have confirmed the bugged penetration is being fixed in a later update.

When equipped with SPP 10-R mags, CoD’s newest AR, the AS VAL, essentially enjoys turbo-charged FMJ as its bullets can penetrate multiple walls, including some surfaces that normal guns struggle to get through just one of.

While not committed to calling it a bug or simply an overpowered attachment, Infinity Ward have confirmed that it is an issue they will soon be addressing.

Within five days of Modern Warfare and Warzone’s sixth season launching, a variety of clips have surfaced, along with a bevy of complaints, surrounding the AS VAL’s absurd capacity to kill people its crosshairs literally can’t see. On multiplayer maps, where players are more likely to experiment with lower magazine sizes, the 10-round SPP Mags have caused absolute havoc. 

As shown in a clip from FaZe Clan’s Bloo, he gets killed through a wall, respawns, and is able to exact his revenge by firing a single bullet through what appears to be an entire house.

He’s not firing through one thin wall, but guessing where his opponent is based on where he was killed from earlier, and eliminating them with one 103-meter long shot to the head and through what must be multiple wooden walls of one house.

And that moment is not an exception to normalcy, it is the gun’s current state of affairs. Since the AS VAL’s normal bullets feature lower penetration than most assault rifles, the SPP attachment counteracts that, but to too far an extent. Fortunately, Infinity Ward have confirmed on their Trello board that this is a “known issue” and will be “fixed in a future update.”


In the clip above, two players are seen notching triple kills on each other’s teams from the start of a round without moving from spawn. Both simply shoot directly forward and their shots fly through whatever is in their way. 

The player base has understandably been confused, so it is a positive sign that, while not confirming whether it’s a bug or simply an over-turned attachment situation, IW is looking to fix the attachment. 

No date has been set for the update in which this broken penetration will be tweaked, nor exactly how it will be adjusted. But, at the very least, it’s good to know walls will soon be able to provide cover once again.