Warzone players want new chat feature to taunt campers in solos

Andy Williams

Communication in Warzone is key, but what if there was a way in which you could use it to provoke your nearby enemies via proximity chat?

Warzone’s unique ping system and in-game chat is limited to you and your squad when roaming the streets of Verdansk.

And as it stands, you can only hear your opposite number after you’ve eliminated them (albeit for a few seconds) via the death chatter feature that is a staple part of Call of Duty multiplayer.

If you’re running solo games, there is a lobby full of players with no means to talk to one another, which can make for a lonely outing. That is, until one savvy player suggested Warzone add proximity chat.

Player hiding behind cover in Warzone.
There’s nothing more rewarding than hear the screams of your foes after you’ve taken them out in Warzone.

Taunting campers with proximity chat in Warzone?

Essentially, proximity chat gives players the opportunity to tease nearby enemies and has been used in other BR games like PUBG. While on the surface, this seems a very simple concept, the implications would be huge — especially towards the endgame circle.

According to the Reddit user, one of Call of Duty’s trademark features was having the ability to taunt players in the pregame lobbies. Well this, in essence, would bring that back to Warzone while adding a unique dynamic to gameplay.

Players falling within a 10-meter radius, for example, would be able to taunt one another. This would add a “new dynamic of survival” to Verdansk, as jibing your opponent would leave them on edge while simultaneously acting as a hard-counter to campers.

Player lying in the grass in Warzone.
Come out, come out wherever you are… Teasing campers would be easy with proximity chat.

While on the surface, the concept seems like it would work well in solos, it might not be everyone’s ally… With some players requesting that the feature be ‘push-to-talk’ should it be added into the game.

“I would only want proximity chat as a separate option like a ‘push-to-talk proximity chat.’ Otherwise, everyone will switch to party chat or discord and nobody would use in-game chat.”

It would have an impact on gameplay, and would certainly add an exciting element to how players would navigate the map. Imagine sneaking up on an opponent and having to remain dead silent in real life to ensure you go undetected…

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