Bizarre Warzone glitch automatically pings any nearby enemies

Daniel Cleary
Enemies being pinged in Warzone

A strange glitch with Warzone’s new tactical equipment, the Spotter Scope, can automatically ping any nearby opponents for you once they enter your field of view (FoV) in Verdansk.

Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode Warzone features a massive map, Verdansk, where it can be difficult to spot enemies, particularly in some of the more open areas of the map.

However, a new piece of tactical equipment, the Spotter Scope, which works similarly to binoculars, was introduced to help players locate and ping their opponents from far away.

Spotter scope being used in Warzone
The Spotter Scope was added to Warzone in Season 4.

While there were mixed reactions to this new piece of equipment, it may become a go-to item after a glitch was found with it that could give players a significant advantage in Warzone.

Call of Duty YouTuber Bubs shared this unusual trick and revealed that the spotter scope could automatically ping opponents once they appear on screen, even labeling it a “semi wallhack.”

“You can ping and see people from so far away, once you see them the ping will automatically be there and it’s basically like a semi wallhack glitch after that,” he added, revealing that the ping can be tracked if they move into cover.

Bubs explained that, while it is a simple trick, you will require the help of a friend or need to buy a self-revive from a Buy Station in order to attempt this glitch.

How to automatically ping enemies in Warzone

  1. You’ll first need to find a Spotter Scope and a Molotov or Thermite grenade while looting.
  2. With a friend nearby, or with a Self Revive kit ready to use, throw one of these lethal grenades on the ground and walk into it while looking through your Spotter Scope.
  3. Keep looking through the scope until you get downed by the damage and then crawl out of the fire.
  4. Revive yourself using your self-revive kit or have a friend help you up.
  5. Once you’re up, your character should automatically ping any opponents that walk into your FoV.

Topic starts at 1:19

There you have it, once you follow these steps you should be any players that enter your FoV should be pinged, which could help with any you might have missed.

However, as this seems to be an unintended exploit, it is likely that Infinity Ward will look to implement a patch for this glitch in one of their future updates.

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