Iconic Warzone ‘super jump’ bug returns as players fly across Caldera

Warzone players baffled to discover super jump bug on CalderaActivision

Warzone’s classic super jump bug is back and this time players get to soar the skies of Caldera, but no one can figure out exactly how to do it.

Warzone has many different tactics that can be used to make a player’s movement better. There’s slide canceling, the stim super slide, and more that can be mastered.

However, one mechanic that has yet to be conquered is the super jump. This originally appeared on Verdansk and allowed players to become freaks of nature by jumping extremely long distances.

The community deemed this a bug since no one could figure out a way to replicate it 100% of the time, and since the move to the Pacific, people thought it was in the past.

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Warzone players find super jump glitch on Pacific 

In a Reddit clip, posted by ‘Javicapra8,’ the player shows off the classic super jump glitch from Verdansk, but this time on Caldera.

When they dropped-in, they landed on top of a building and saw an enemy close to them. The player went to mantle the railing when they were suddenly vaulted high in the sky.

Instead of just a simple jump, the player got an inhuman leap that took them well over 20 feet and allowed them to melee an opponent to death.

Warzone players have found the super jump glitch on Caldera.

The community was shocked to see this return in Caldera as there haven’t been known reports of it. One person said “WTF… Lmao,” while another didn’t even know this existed, “I didn’t understand what happened.”

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There is no way to perfectly explain how this occurs, but multiple players have reported this only occurs after they mantle an object. If this becomes a key movement aspect like the stim slide, then we will make sure to update you on a proper method to do so.