Warzone player shadowbanned for abusing plane K/D trick

Warzone player shadowbanned for abusing plane K/D trickActivision

The Warzone community has been dealing with waves of shadowbans since the Pacific update. Now, a player is claiming they’ve received one just for boosting their K/D with Caldera’s planes.

In Warzone, a shadowban is something that happens when Raven Software flag an account for suspicious activity. This puts the account in a lockdown where it’s nearly impossible to find a match.

This has become a large issue as reports of accounts getting flagged come more frequently since the Pacific update. As part of the change, Caldera was introduced to replace Verdansk and this map has apparently provided an easy way to get shadowbanned.

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Warzone player shadowbanned for raising K/D with planes

CoD Warzone Caldera gameplayActivision
Planes are an easy way to get a lot of kills in Warzone.

Caldera brought a World War II theme, introducing vehicles like tanks, trucks, and planes. The community thinks the fighter planes, specifically, are extremely overpowered. Streamer IceManIsaac even revealed an easy trick to boost your K/D ratio with them. All you need to do is load into Vanguard Royale, find a plane, and start racking up kills.

But this is where things get a little fishy, as a Warzone player is claiming they were shadowbanned for abusing this feature. In a YouTube video, TimTheTatman was spectating a solo match when he ran into a level 1 account. The player went off with 23 kills which made Tim doubt that they were clean.

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However, he came to realize it was actually a Warzone streamer ImDilla on an alt account. After the game, Tim hopped into a lobby with him to discuss why he was on a low-level account.

Dilla claims that his account was shadowbanned due to his tactic of using planes in matches and he had to make another one. “I have been averaging between a 7 to a 10 weekly K/D because of the planes.”

He thinks this resulted in him being mass reported by other players that check out his Warzone stats. According to CoD Tracker, he has a 4.55 lifetime K/D, so some people could be suspecting he’s a cheater.

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Tim said that Dilla isn’t suspicious at all “I know Dilla, he’s not a cheater, I know who that is, he’s not cheating.” So if a legit player can be shadowbanned just for using Caldera’s planes, other pilots might need to be a little cautious before piling those kills up.