How to watch Florida Mutineers x MinaMendes Warzone LAN: Stream, teams, more

Mina Mendes and Florida Mutineers Warzone LANMina Mendes/Florida Mutineers

Florida Mutineers and Twitch streamer Mina Mendes have partnered up to host an invite-only Warzone LAN in Miami for some of the best Warzone 2 duos in the world. Here’s everything you need to know about the event, including when it takes place and how you can tune in.

Warzone tournaments have certainly slowed down since the peak days of Verdansk, when there were multiple huge tournaments a month and players were earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There have been some big tournaments in Al Mazrah, but so far there have been no LANs — until now.

This tournament is hosted by CDL franchise Florida Mutineers alongside tournament organizer Mina Mendes, who recently became a co-owner of CoD Challengers organization Awobabobs.

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Mutineers x MinaMendes Warzone LAN stream & schedule

The tournament will be streamed live on Mina’s Twitch channel, embedded above.

It is due to take place on February 11, taking up most of the day, as 16 duos drop in for a killrace tournament across Al Mazrah.

Mutineers x MinaMendes Warzone LAN teams

As mentioned, 16 teams from seven different countries will be dropping in to compete in this $5k prize pool tournament, with some huge names in the Warzone world heading to Miami to compete.

Here’s a list of the teams that have been confirmed so far :

  • Hisoka + Shifty
  • Sage + Envailed
  • AzuraAnarchy + Adore
  • Yulix + Gromalokk
  • ClutchBelk + Destroy
  • Colors + TBA
  • KingImpaaact + CriminalGod
  • Junior + Panda
  • ForeignJase + Adrian
  • RaySkiis + EmpathyTrik
  • CURBEX + CurbeX
  • Lucas + Devise
  • Superxorlandeo + Tenux
  • Guns + HoriFFy
  • Splashed + Mubisti

It will be casted by Warzone stalwarts DougDagnabbit from ModernWarzone, GrandmasterGojj and McCornmeal. Be sure to tune in on February 11 for the first Warzone 2 LAN, or if you’re in the area, spectator tickets are available to buy for the event at NXT LVL Gaming.

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