Team Methodz completes lower bracket dream run in $30K MW2 Baktober Bash: Final results

baka bros baktober bash mw2 tournamentBaka Bros/Efuse

The Baka Bros — popular Warzone streamers Repullze, LuckyChamu, and DiazBiffle — just hosted a $30,000 launch tournament in Modern Warfare 2 featuring a mix of top CDL pros alongside Warzone competitors and content creators. While it was Team Methodz who ultimately came out on top after a shocking lower bracket run, here’s a full look back at the event.

Each year, a number of big kickoff tournaments are hosted when a new Call of Duty game launches. In recent years, this has meant bringing together top CDL and Warzone pros, playing with one another, attempting to assert their dominance in the earliest stages of the competitive season.

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This Modern Warfare 2 tournament was Search & Destroy only, meaning CDL pros didn’t get to outshine their opponents on the less familiar respawn modes in Hardpoint or Control. With that in mind, it was ultimately Methodz, Nero, Parasite, Destroy who proved too good for the competition on the day, winning eight matches in a row to run the lower bracket gauntlet and take down Team Simp in the finals. But if you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered below.

Baktober Bash $30k MW2 tournament results (Top 6)

1$18,000Team MethodzMethodz, Nero, Parasite, Destroy
2$9,000Team SimpSimp, aBeZy, Newbz, GorgoKnight
3$3,000Team SlasherSlasher, Cellium, 2Pac, Apathy
4Team MajorManiakMajorManiak, Rated, Havok, ScummN
Top 6Team DonnyTemp, Kenny, TTiny, Jukeyz
Top 6Team TreiTrei, Futives, Nastie, JoeWo

Baktober Bash $30k MW2 tournament stream & schedule

While the tournament was powered by eFuse, the official broadcast could be found directly on the Call of Duty Twitch account which we’ve embedded above.

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Not only that, but fans could also tune into the individual streams of the competitors, with the likes of Vanguard world champions Drazah and Envoy playing, as well as Warzone stars like Aydan and Tommey.

The tournament took place on Monday, October 31, 2022. Action got underway at midday and ran late into the evening given the size of the bracket.

Baktober Bash $30k MW2 S&D tournament teams

Here are the teams that were locked in for the Baktober Bash Search & Destroy tournament. Some players are accomplished CDL veterans while others are popular Warzone streamers. As always though, there was plenty of dispute over what defined a ‘pro’ and a ‘content creator’, given Crimsix falls into the latter category now despite his accomplishments.

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Clayster, Tommey, TJHaly, BlaztAydan, Priestahh, Kismet, Shifty
Arcitys, UnRationaL, Spart, BuhlieveIntechs, Almond, Drazah, Envoy
Asim, PaulEhx, Envailed, SageiLLeY, Prolute, Slacked, Crimsix
Temp, Kenny, TTiny, JukeyzSimp, aBeZy, Newbz, GorgoKnight
Slasher, Cellium, 2Pac, ApathyMethodz, Nero, Parasite, Destroy
Sib, Pred, Equuip, SuperEvanAttach, Afro, Loony, WarsZ
MajorManiak, Rated, Havok, ScummNSmixie, Flxnked, Jimbo, Archivs
Zer0, Nastiee, Futives, JoeWoBrack, Vikul, IceManIsaac, TeddyRecks

Teams were 4v4, consisting of two CDL pros and two Warzone pros each.

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