Team Recrent win $400K World Series of Warzone EU #2: results & final placements

WSOW EU DuosActivision / London Royal Ravens

With a whopping $400,000 total on the line, the September 15 World Series of Warzone EU was an absurd event. Team Recrent took the overall win, but here are the full results and final placements.

  • Chowh1 wins $100,000 to himself in Solo YOLO match.
  • MethodzSick and DagaT1 win $200,000 Duos Customs.
  • Team Recrent come away with $100k Captain’s Cup.

$400K World Series of Warzone: Placements

Captain’s Cup Placements

Placement Captain Prize
1st Recrent $20,000
2nd Jukeyz $15,000
3rd Gotaga $13,000
4th Moonryde $12,000
5th DanucD $10,000

Duo Placements (Top 10)

Placement (by points) Duo Score Prize
1st MethodzSick, DagaT1 82 $40,000
2nd Joshiil1, OhCoyle 61 $30,000
3rd ForPantheon, Suedzz 52.5 $20,000
4th PrxdigyEU_, YT_DR3W 51 $16,000
5th SamHam, Denxh 51 $12,000
6th Stikinson, QwizzyXqt 51 $10,000
7th Kwrky_, Bubblect_ 45 $8,000
8th Jukeyz, Fifakill 44.5 $6,000
9th Izakooo, Roocket_ 43.5 $4,000
10th Primzvh, Ayzenlr 43.5 $3,600

Solo YOLO Placement (Winner-takes-all)

Placement Player Prize
1st Chowh1 $100,000

$400K World Series of Warzone EU: Results & Recap

One month on from EU’s intense Trios tournament, the World Series of Warzone returned for another round of action. And this time, after drama surrounding the prize pool’s “participation money,” Activision decided to up the ante.

Europe’s best piled into custom lobbies filled with 150 players, with five Duos matches for $200,000, followed by a recently announced, winner-takes-all Solos match for $100,000. And yes, another $100,000 was awarded to the five captains who chose Duos to represent them.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the Customs format, all matches were filled with ‘rattier’ loadouts — as typically aggressive players played safer, equipping Gallo shotguns, snipers, and even Riot Shields to place as high as possible.

One of the top pros in the entire world, Fifakill, even resorted to rocking restock Stims and Claymores, in an obvious change of pace from his typical playstyle. (Unfortunately, his heroic attempts proved futile, but enough to secure a top-10 finish.)

World Series of Warzone EU: Duos format

If you’re familiar with previous WSOW events, you felt right at home here once again. Duos dropping into a series of custom lobbies. Throughout these games, players were awarded based on their kills and their placement.

Below is a quick breakdown of the scoring structure:

  • 1st: 2x Point Multiplier
  • 2nd – 15th: 1.5x Point Multiplier
  • 16th+: 1x Point Multiplier

In typical WSOW fashion, it’s not just the individual performance that matters, however. Captains drafted their own teams, which ultimately worked towards a common goal of securing the Captains Cup for additional prize money.

Speaking of, below is a full breakdown of how all Duos were rewarded.

1st $40,000
2nd $30,000
3rd $20,000
4th $16,000
5th $12,000
6th $10,000
7th $8,000
8th $6,000
9th $4,000
10th $3,600
11th $3,400
12th $3,200
13th $2,800
14th $2,600
15th $2,400
16th-25th $2,000
26th-35th $1,600

World Series of Warzone EU: Solo YOLO format

After the main tournament, five Duos matches for $200,000 — there was also be a 150-person Solo YOLO lobby, in which all 150 players dropped in by themselves and the winner secured the entire prize pool.

World Series of Warzone EU Duos: Captains & Teams

From veteran Warzone stars like Jukeyz and Testyment to popular streamers like Moonryde and Gotago, this WSOW event was stacked from top to bottom.

Below is a complete list of every single Duo confirmed for the tournament.

Recrent & Ubica Gotaga & Mystkv Moonryde & Waartex Jukeyz & fifakill DanucD & Legendary 117S Slaavzz & iVisionSR kwrky_ & bubblect_ r1sway & CamstaTV Reeczz & qlapr UnknownJWG & noonyr
savyultras90 & BBlade Thomacky & Nianfo Kalii_J & TheeGladders griffuel & Calbooth98 STYLERZ & FalaXii forpantheon & Suedzz DonKaakijn & Begroovy Stxcie & Maqic_tm BeckyJoo & SoDzeX_ Alishakins_ & Amari
AshleighSR & dreamzlv_
meggxn_ & Porky99
Emiliaa & asinnful ShuKzNorris & Scottish_Casper solanke & samHAM MethodzSick & DagaT1 KayzahR & CPentagon Phyzikk & kinstaar Diream_ & xHankyy Darzity & iNoiizY
Chowh1 & k4brone xaxE & Tojor LouiCM & Lenun Borraskka & MrSoki velox & predax ItsLomba & jezuzjrr izakooo & roocket__ Miniuwa & Janowicz Emzy & riri29_ IAMAngelikaa & Fxzzn
ilame & enoootuuuk itgabby & buzzfieldB Mimque & Jaxvy PrxdigyEU_ & YT_Dr3w Noirstaz & SoFoxis KraQz & BirneEU ThumblessCudi & jaaydar ItsWarsZ & Xamzah ESKc & KiGuNiiN flexz & peLukaa
Testyment & Rirex ChunkRJT & MikeRevolt stikinson & qwizzyxqt Briggscod & AHaZee CRIPER & UnPaKeTe Galgo96ESP & envidiaN Primvzh & AyzenLR Vapulear & Trancee Yxnca & Sawlties HoneyPuu & TBA
berritv & xxtattaxx BennyCentral & QwiKeRTHaNu spratt & controldr jaff & Enomuz_ skrapz & wuskindash Kayzeurwz & enkeo_ Sebi & AxizNation JoshiiL1 & ohCoyle Punkill & Zaakk7 Pannir & paralize_tv
satyrbe & SplashedCOD AIMLUL & stedz3era Fluxury & abWizz ShivFPS & GaGod YKTDeleo & Robstar