Warzone pros stunned as WSOW reveals winner-takes-all $100k prize for Solos champ

warzone world series of warzone winner 100,000 winner takes all prize stunned playersActivision / Pixabay

The Call of Duty: Warzone community has been left absolutely gobsmacked by a new addition to the September 15 World Series of Warzone: a $100,000 “Solo YOLO” match, in which the top solo player takes home the entire prize pool.

There’s a pretty common saying: “Be careful what you wish for.”

Now, the Warzone scene has somehow proven that saying true, as complaints about the European WSOW’s prize pool distribution have seemingly been answered.

Originally, pro players complained that — out of $200,000 for the main event — the winning team would only get $40,000. There was talk of “participation money” and the like, but that’s all vanished thanks to the Solo YOLO event. Instead of a sixth Customs match in the Duos tournament, the WSOW EU will throw all 150 players into one $100,000 match of Solos.

And, to the surprise of everyone (and dismay of whoever inevitably finishes second), the game will end with the winner taking home all of the loot.

Among those competing in the tournament, European stars like Jukeyz and Wuskinz about summed up the reaction. While Jukeyz let out a simply astonished “wow,” Wuskinz was more… colorful: “Someone ring the ambulamb, I’m gonna need a drip bedside.”

Past them, and countless others simply shocked at the amount on the line for one single player, others focused on the rest of the prize pool. 

Fifakill, one of the world’s best pros in August, thought about what he’d do for the person he beat for first place — while ScummN, known around these parts as the Troll of Verdansk, had a different idea.

Regardless, whether the winner decides to give some money to the runner-up or shoot their body, the tournament is set to end in absolute fireworks.

Players wanted a less evenly split prize pool and they seem to have gotten their wish, since whoever wins the Solo YOLO match will come away with more money than the top three duos from the main event… combined.

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