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Team Skrapz win $150,000 Warzone Royal Ruckus: final placements

Published: 13/Jun/2020 1:30 Updated: 13/Jun/2020 1:34

by Joe Craven


The London Royal Ravens’ $150,000 Warzone Royal Ruckus tournament has wrapped up, and the Call of Duty League team’s very own Skrapz finished in first place, along with teammates Jukeyz and Deleo.

The two-day event brought together a star-studded collection of streamers, Call of Duty pros, influencers, musicians, and entertainers for one of the biggest Warzone tournaments we’ve seen since the battle royale launched in March.

$100,000 of the prize pool was donated to the Equal Justice Initiative, while the remaining $50,000 was split among the top four teams from the final bracket.

Warzone Royal Ruckus final placements & bracket

As fate would have it, the Royal Ravens’ own star player Skrapz and his teammates Jukeyz and Deleo ended up winning the tournament, as they narrowly edged out HusKerrs’ squad 108-106 in the grand final.

Rounding off the top-four were DougisRaw’s team, who lost to HusKerrs in the semifinal stage, and Team Stellar, who were taken down by Skrapz’s squad in the other semis match.


As for the remaining teams, they were all eliminated following the first stage, which encompassed the first one-and-a-half days of the competition.

Only the top eight teams in the initial leaderboard made it to bracket play, the remaining teams’ position in the final placements was based on how many points they acquired from the timed-portion.

Just missing the cut were Vikkstar’s squad and Team Dom, both of whom finished within 10 points of that eighth and final playoff spot but unfortunately had to spend the rest of the event watching.



The tournament is taking place just after the launch of the new Season 4, which was delayed by a week but is now finally available.

The Warzone Royal Ruckus event will start on June 11, at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm BST. It will run until June 12, meaning it takes place across two days.


The details for the tournament’s stream haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s fair to say we can expect to see it on Twitch, probably on a host of the competitors’ channels. The tournament is sponsored by HyperX, D-Cave and Activision Blizzard, so it’s likely the official channels will be providing gameplay clips and links to the event.

Prize Pool

As previously mentioned, the tournament will see $100,000 donated to the Equal Justice Initiative. The EJI is an American charity that seeks to combat injustice within the nation’s legal system, offering representation to prisoners who may have been wrongly convicted or cannot afford legal support.

The EJI is an American movement to halt mass incarceration.

Away from the donation being made to charity, the winning team will receive $30,000 to split between themselves (on top of the $100,000 charity donation).


A number of the biggest sporting names in the world are getting involved in the Warzone Royal Ruckus. Two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert will be playing, as will England cricketer Jofra Archer. Other sporting stars include:

  • Steve Aoki – DJ, music legend and part of Rogue ownership team
  • Taylor Fritz – First tennis pro to invest in esports
  • Landon Collins –  Washington Redskins safety in the NFL
  • Nicky Romero – DJ and music producer
IG: jofraarcher/rudygobert
Archer and Gobert are two of the world’s biggest names in their respective sports.

Away from the world of real sports, a host of esports stars are getting involved. This includes Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, the Fortnite professional who has recently branched out into CoD’s battle royale. Others include:

  • Wuskin –  Pro CoD player for London Royal Ravens
  • Skrapz – Pro CoD player for London Royal Ravens
  • SypherPK – Pro Fortnite player and Twitch streamer
  • Huskerrs – Warzone World Record holder and Twitch streamer
  • DaisyMichelle – YouTube content creator
  • Tommey – Pro CoD player for Dallas Empire
  • NICKMERCS – Former CoD/Fortnite player and Twitch streamer

That rounds up everything we know about the Warzone Royal Ruckus tournament! With some of the world’s biggest esports names competing, it’s sure to be a blast for all involved, and raise a lot of money for a great cause.

Warzone Royal Ruckus Day One Standings & Results

Day One of the Warzone Royal Ruckus is now in the books, with a host of recognizable teams impressing. The top spot going into June 12, however, is occupied by Team Metaphor, who even broke the Trios world record during the competition, racking up 93 kills between them.

Team DougIsRaw occupy second place, while NICKMERCS’ team are in third. Huskerrs, Censor, Rated, Vikkstar and JKap are all in the top 10 teams after day one. The full standings can be seen in the tweet below:

June 12 also sees new variables added into the mix, including Royal Bounties and a Second Chance Jackpot. You can watch the action unfold at the Twitch channels of those competing.

Call of Duty

Warzone update nerfs DMR, MAC-10, Diamatti, Type 63: Patch Notes

Published: 6/Jan/2021 16:41 Updated: 6/Jan/2021 17:21

by Theo Salaun


In a new Call of Duty: Warzone patch, Black Ops Cold War’s DMR, MAC-10, dual Diamattis and Type 63 have all been nerfed β€” ending what was potentially the most oppressive Verdansk meta to date. 

It took a few days for the DMR and MAC-10 to be discovered and then a few more for the dual Diamattis to come into play. But, in the weeks since Black Ops Cold War: Season 1 debuted Warzone integration, the Cold War meta has become a sore point throughout the Warzone community.

Now, just a day after promising adjustments, Raven Software have taken to Twitter to announce that the three meta weapons (DMR 14, MAC-10, dual wield Diamattis) and the likely successor (Type 63, another tactical rifle) are all getting nerfed in a quick update.

For all but the Diamattis, the nerfs come with headshot damage tweaks and, for the tactical rifles, some recoil changes. Interestingly, this sets a concrete meta into a liquidated flux, but players do have some theories for the next meta already.

Offered to the community without an official patch notes blog, but instead with a tweet, Raven have quickly described the adjustments for each of the weapons. While this doesn’t give exact numbers, Warzone fans are likely to begin experimenting immediately in an effort to discover just how harshly these guns have been treated.

For the two tactical rifles, DMR and Type 63, headshot damage has been decreased and recoil has, conversely, been increased. This should limit their damage capacity (good bye, two-shot, fully armored kills at any range) and raise their skill cap, ensuring that shots aren’t as easy to hit as they once were. For the MAC-10, the headshot multiplier has simply been decreased β€” meaning the damage ceiling is lowered, but the gun’s range is untouched, keeping it viable.

And, finally, the Ghosted assassin’s dream, the dual Diamattis, have been doubly nerfed so that 1) their hip fire spread is wider and, therefore, less accurate and 2) their already-uninspiring damage range has been further cut, seemingly putting the pistols in the “could maybe try to melee instead” range. While every gun will still need to be tested to determine just how harsh the nerfs are, the community is excited to find out.

As Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag’s tweet indicates, people are desperate for the DMR to be put away alongside the most OP guns in Verdansk history. It remains to be seen if the gun has truly been “nerfed into the ground and completely unusable,” but fans are likely already trying to discover the next meta.

As far as current theories, people expect that a FFAR and Kar98k loadout could come into play, while also wondering if a Cold War LMG could make its presence felt.

January 16 Warzone full patch notes

  • DMR 14: Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • Type 63: Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • Mac-10: Decreased headshot multiplier
  • Dual Diamattis: Increased hip fire spread, decreased damage range

(It’s worth bearing in mind that these changes are solely being made in Warzone as well, so the Cold War multiplayer experience is untouched by these adjustments.)