How to ‘G-Walk’ in Modern Warfare 2: Insane movement trick explained

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivision

The new ‘G-Walk’ movement trick is taking Modern Warfare 2 by storm. Here’s how it’s done so you can be zooming around the map in no time.

Infinity Ward looked to stamp out advanced movement techniques in this year’s CoD release, namely by removing the ability to slide cancel, well, at least they tried to. It only took players a matter of weeks to effectively break the game and uncover even more absurd input combinations in light of this change.

With the game’s pace slowed down, the community has quickly figured out ways of abusing map design, movement systems, and various mechanics to blitz through any given gunfight. In the past few days alone we’ve seen “dolphin hopping” come into focus, with players all but flying across multiplayer modes, making themselves near impossible to hit.

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Now, another absurd-looking technique has been revealed as a group of players under the ‘EuphoriaDream’ banners have shared the ‘G-Walk’ movement trick in Modern Warfare 2.

What is the G-Walk in Modern Warfare 2?

The newly coined ‘G-Walk’ trick was first established on November 21 by the crew at EuphoriaDream. Together, these players showed the trick in action and went viral across social media for being the first to discover its true potential.

In the blink of an eye this technique can have Operators zooming from point A to point B, constantly dipping to the ground then standing back up in one smooth motion. In doing so, they become an exceptionally difficult target to hit. As their character is constantly changing stance, locking on and connecting shots is no easy task.

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How to G-Walk in Modern Warfare 2

When it comes to executing the ‘G-Walk’ in Modern Warfare 2, it’s much easier to perform with a keyboard and mouse. While it is still possible with a controller using third-party software that we won’t share here, the timing is more consistent by using the scroll wheel on a gaming mouse.

Below is a quick rundown of how to G-Walk on PC:

  • Open your Settings menu
  • Set Automatic Sprint to ‘Off’
  • Set Tactical Sprint Behavior to ‘Single Tap Sprint’
  • In the Keybinds menu, set ‘Prone’ to ‘Scroll Wheel Down’
  • Rapidly alternate between sprinting and going prone to G-Walk in MW2 on PC.

If you’re able to “master the interval perfectly”, you’ll find that this movement trick outright silences footstep audio, making you a ghost on the map.

With the effectiveness of this trick, however, don’t expect it to remain in the game for all too long. Keep your eyes peeled for any updates from Infinity Ward as they more than likely look to remove this powerful technique.

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