How to get Petrol for free in CoD Mobile’s Solstice Awakened event

Daniel Cleary
Highrise map with cod mobile logo

Call of Duty Mobile has added new rewards that can be unlocked after gathering resources during Season 8’s Solstice Awakened event. Here’s how you can get Petrol for free.

Activision has introduced a new event to CoD Mobile Season 8, Solstice Awakened, which offers three different types of resources: Petrol, Toilet Paper, and Rations for taking part in specific playlists.

These resources can be traded to unlock free rewards through the ‘Exchange Center’ screen with items such as an Epic ‘Nuclear Fallout’ Skin for the Man-O-War available during this event.

Exchange center screen in cod mobile
CoD Mobile players can unlock rewards in the Exchange Center.

How to get free petrol in CoD Mobile

The earnable resources in these Solstice Awakened playlists will be updated every day or so, only allowing players to collect two of the three resources at once.

While it can be difficult to know where and when exactly you can earn resources such as Petrol, we’ve compiled a list of all the game modes and dates that offer these tokens.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to claim free Petrol tokens in Cod Mobile’s Solstice Awakened event.

  1. Check what resources are available on the day that you are playing, as seen in our schedule below.
  2. You’ll then need to queue up for a match in the playlist listed for that date.
  3. Earn free petrol and other resources by simply getting kills in these Solstice Awakened playlists.
Solstice awakened tab in cod mobile
CoD Mobile players can queue for these playlists from the Solstice Awakened tab.

What days to get Petrol in the Solstice Awakened event

  • Highrise Gulag (Petrol & Rations) – July 19
  • BR Gulag Mode (Petrol & Toilet Paper) – July 20
  • BR Gulag Mode (Petrol & Toilet Paper) – July 21
  • Cage Rust (Petrol & Rations) – July 23
  • Tunisia Saloon (Petrol & Rations) – July 26
  • Meltdown Saloon (Petrol & Toilet Paper) – July 27
  • Meltdown Saloon (Petrol & Toilet Paper) – July 28
  • Cage Highrise (Petrol & Rations) – July 30
Dates for Solstice awakened event items
Full schedule to when to earn these CoD Mobile exchange items.

As the Solstice Awakened event is scheduled to end on July 30, it is likely that these tokens could expire shortly after, meaning you might not have long to claim any of the new items.

It is also worth noting that some of the items available in the Exchange Center will require you to collect different amounts of each resource, so it could help to check what you need before playing.

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