CoD Mobile devs confirm fix for invincible enemies coming soon

Daniel Cleary

The frustrating issues that have been making enemies invincible in Call of Duty Mobile may soon be patched after the game’s developers revealed that they are working on a fix.

[jwplayer mCpsAxNx]While CoD Mobile has been quite popular since its release in October 2019, there has been one major desync issue that has been ruining the gameplay experience for some players.

There have been reports from those who experience this bizarre bug in-game, claiming that their enemies were almost unkillable, however, a fix may soon be on its way to the popular mobile title.

Characters in Call of Duty mobile
A strange issue with CoD Mobile has been making players unkillable.

Players had noticed that they were having trouble killing their opponents but, despite maintaining a low ping and seemingly hitting their shots, the killcam would often tell a different story.

From their opponent’s perspective, the in-game replay would reveal that their character had not even fired a bullet, which had many players calling on CoD Mobile’s developers to address the issue.

Fix coming for desync issues in CoD Mobile

During the July 16 community update post, Activision shared everything they were working on for CoD Mobile’s ongoing Season 8, including some of the major bug fixes that are on the way.

screenshot of cod mobile bug reports

“Outside of a variety of smaller, random, or inconsistent issues, we just have one main bug related issue to discuss and it is the one we rightly hear about every day,” the developers shared, highlighting the desync issues in particular.

They admitted that these ‘invincible enemy’ issues had been quite difficult to resolve, but that a fix was finally being worked on, to be added in a later update.

“To be completely honest about this issue, it hasn’t been an easy one to narrow down. However, we believe we have found the possible cause and are working towards a fix,” Activision added.

It was also shared that there are server and client optimizations “coming in the next update”, which should help certain players who experience this issue, although a more permanent solution would take longer.

As of now, it remains unclear just when these fixes will be added, but the CoD Mobile developers will likely be aiming to remove these issues as soon as possible.