How to gain access to the Blackout private beta on PC without pre-ordering Black Ops 4

There is good news for those who want to try out the PC version of Call of Duty’s new Blackout battle royale mode but don’t have a code for the private beta.

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The Blackout beta on PC will be live starting September 14-17, but the first day will be limited to private access, requiring a code that could previously only be obtained by pre-ordering a version of Black Ops 4.

However, Activision Blizzard announced on September 13 that there will be an alternate way to gain access to the PC private beta, one that will not require any pre-orders or money spent.

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All users will have to do is tune in to one of the four big-name streamers that will be live-streaming the game on Twitch on the day the private beta goes live.

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The four streamers are Ninja, Shroud, Summit1G, and Timthetatman, all of whom will be streaming the beta between 10 AM PT – 2 PM PT on September 14.

Anyone who tunes into their streams and watches for at least one hour will be eligible to get early access to the private beta added to their account right away.

For your convenience, we have linked all of their Twitch streams down below:

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The most important part of this process is for everyone to make sure that their and Twitch accounts are linked, so that the access will be granted once the hour of viewership is completed.

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Players can prepare for the Blackout beta by pre-loading it onto their PCs, which has been enabled as of September 13. For those who are unable to get access to the private beta can still try it out when it opens up to everyone starting September 15.

The beta will end across all platforms at 10 AM PT on September 17, giving all PC players a solid two days to try it out.

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Source – Blizzard