Console Warzone player reveals bug that might finally get devs’ attention

Warzone store bugActivision

As Warzone continues to come under fire from players fed up with bugs and hackers, a console gamer has discovered a glitch that might be too big for Activision to actually ignore.

Despite being one of the most popular battle royale games, Warzone has had a rocky history. Waves of cheaters, unfortunate bugs, stream sniping and a plethora of other issues have made the game unplayable for many.

Although the devs do update frequently and offer plenty of balance changes, some of the core issues have remained untouched, especially on console.

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That said, there is a big problem with the game that the devs might actually take note of and try to fix immediately… all because it affects their bottom line.

Warzone bug could be too big for Activision to ignore

In a popular Reddit video by user ‘mriv15,’ the player shows off many issues with the game on console including frozen buy stations, invisible operators, and being unable to check out weapon camos.

One problem, however, might get the devs’ attention: having issues navigating the in-game store. Instead of items showing up like normal, players just get black boxes that prevent them from buying anything.

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“This is the clip that’s going to convince Activision [to] fix this,” the poster cheekily captioned that section of the video.

An image of Call of Duty Warzone's Gulag.Activision
Warzone players are furious over the state of the game.

Others agreed with one remarking, “woah hold up the store is broken? Get the authorities on the phone right now.”

We’ll have to see if the game does in fact get updated on console to fix the store issues, but it’s clear there are more problems that just ones that hurt how much money Warzone is generating.

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