How to fix the SnD custom match round count glitch in Black Ops 4

Calum Patterson. Last updated: Oct 18, 2018

One Black Ops 4 glitch in particular has been affecting the competitive community more than most, with SnD custom games ending after 7 rounds, but there is finally a fix.

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When the game launched on October 12, players quickly noticed that Search and Destroy would end after 7 rounds no matter what, which would impact competitive matches which are first to 6 round wins.

SnD public matches are played first to 4, which is likely what caused the glitch, with custom games treating 4-3 as the closest possible score, rather than 6-5.

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Treyarch quickly acknowledged the issue, and have now rolled out a hotfix to repair it, but it requires specific settings.

When setting up the match, you can now set the round limit to unlimited, which is on the far left of the slider, and then set the round win limit to the desired number.

Round Limit: Unlimited, Round Win Limit: 6 Rounds

Team Envy player Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov was playing Search and Destroy when the hotfix was rolled out, and shows how to set the game up to avoid the glitch.

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It will be a relief for all competitive players that wager matches and tournaments will no longer need to be restarted once 7 rounds have been played, cutting down lots of wasted time resetting the match.

As you can see in the clip, the game carried on once reaching a 5-2 round count, where it would typically have ended.

There is still some other bugs affecting custom games which will hopefully be fixed soon, with a large post-launch update for Black Ops 4 expected soon.