How to fix Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass not awarding tokens

Mw2 logo on blurred battle pass imageActivision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players are reporting that their Season One Battle Pass Tokens are not being rewarded as is intended. Thankfully, the bug has a pretty simple fix. 

Modern Warfare 2’s first season kicked off back on November 16, coinciding with the highly anticipated launch of Warzone 2.0

November 22 also brought the biggest post-launch patch, making adjustments to the much maligned UI, returning the CDL ruleset to private lobbies. and fixing a plethora of bugs. 

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However, one issue that has remained relates to the MW2 Season One Battle Pass; players’ best way to level up and earn rewards. 

Specifically, plenty of fans have been affected by a glitch that does not reward Battle Pass Tokens as intended. 

Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass Tokens not awarded

On the completion of every match, players should earn progress to a Battle Pass Token, which allows them to level up the battle pass, complete tiers, and earn rewards.

However, plenty have realized that it isn’t always happening and, upon earning the Battle Pass Tokens, they are left without one and a progress bar reset. 

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One Redditor highlighted the issues: “At the end of every match, I make progress towards earning a battle pass token. Eventually it fills up and I should presumably earn a token to spend on the battle pass. But my token count doesn’t go up. It remains at zero.”

Others responded to say that the issues have been affecting them as well. 

How to fix MW2 Battle Pass Tokens not being awarded

Luckily, there does seem to be a pretty easy fix. Those that are affected by the bug should simply restart their game and load back into MW2 multiplayer. 

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This should return their Battle Pass to normal, giving Tokens out correctly as players earn them. 

Unfortunately, it appears to be the only fix at the moment. It’s certainly frustrating, but it’s worth a quick restart if it means players earn their deserved in-game rewards. 

At the time of writing, Infinity Ward have not commented on the problems and they do not appear on the game’s dedicated Trello board. We do, though, expect a quick patch in the near future.

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