How to access Warzone Stadium’s legendary loot rooms without a key

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 2 has brought on a number of changes, including to the game’s bunkers and secret loot. Now, players are excitedly realizing that Stadium’s legendary loot rooms are unlocked.

When Warzone Season 2 dropped, many players were hoping for an entirely new map or massive changes. Instead, one ghost ship was thrust between Park and Prison, earning everyone’s attention as players looked to check out a new location and fight some zombies.

Still, Verdansk’s confident explorers have begun finding other changes across the map, honing in on the ones with tons of loot. There’s, of course, the new Ship and its tantalizing Yellow Access Card (which opens a beautifully filled chest). And there are three new weapon silos, where players can drop in for easy subterranean looting.

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But, while numerous bunkers have been shut off alongside the Subway and Stadium’s parking lot, looters have discovered a goldmine: Stadium’s formerly locked, easter egg rooms are now unlocked and still full of loot.

Stadium loot room locations

stadium rooms warzoneActivision
All three unlocked loot rooms in Stadium.

There are three locations, and at least two have been verified to be unlocked and full of loot thus far. For now, most players don’t know about these spots — but they will increase in popularity as people find out.

How to access Warzone’s Stadium loot rooms

  1. The first loot room (No. 1) is on the westernmost corner of the middle level near the bar (or, technically, Concourse Lounge)
  2. The second room (No. 2) is on the top floor, near the southernmost corner
  3. The third room (No. 3) is also on the top floor, located north-east of No. 2
  4. No cards are necessary for any of the rooms, so drop in and loot up for free


As shown in a Reddit video from ‘errlloyd,’ the Stadium rooms can be opened without a card and remain home to tons of legendary loot chests. 

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The Parking Lot room is now obviously closed off, but the Stadium easter egg hunt is gone and that means the other, above-ground ones are now open.

Quick loadouts galore if you can sneak into these formerly locked rooms before people catch on.