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How to complete Warzone’s Stadium easter egg for weapon blueprint

Published: 7/Aug/2020 9:53

by Connor Bennett


Some Call of Duty: Warzone players have finally cracked the code on the Stadium keypad easter egg and reaping the rewards from entering the boardroom. If you want to follow suit, here’s how.

With the start of Modern Warfare season five, Warzone fans have finally been able to get inside the Stadium point of interest. As expected, it’s quickly become a hot drop as players are able to get a look at the football stadium and also escape with some nice loot.


Though, there are plenty of secrets around the place. The biggest, which has frustrated players, is the boardroom keypad. Following the launch of season five, no matter what buttons players pressed, the screen lit up red and failed to open the double doors.

Now, however, players have cracked the code – quite literally – and are getting some pretty sweet rewards for doing so.

warzone Stadium with helicopters in season 5
Infinity Ward
Players can finally get inside Stadium.

How to solve the Stadium keypad easter egg in Warzone

YouTuber GeekyPastimes showed the way by noting that the small key cards around the stadium are linked to the bigger easter egg. By heading inside their respective rooms, which you can find a guide for here, you need to take note of the numbers that appear on the different computers.


These numbers and symbols are part of a substitute cipher. This means that where your code may have a symbol in place of a number, you substitute that for the number that shows in it place on your friends part of the code. 

Once you have the numbers from two locations you can figure out the complete code. From there, head to the boardroom and type in said code. You’ll be head inside and grab the ‘Enigma’ weapon blueprint and some other goodies.

  1. Head to Stadium
  2. Find two of the three hidden keycards
  3. Go to their corresponding rooms and get the codes from the computer
  4. Head to the boardroom 
  5. Type the code on the keypad
  6. Wait until the doors open and enjoy 

On top of these rewards, fireworks will also launch from the roof of Stadium in a circular pattern. Obviously, if you’re stuck inside the POI, you won’t see them, but anyone outside can. 


Sadly, however, the codes to get inside the boardroom change for every game. So, you won’t be able to watch one video or see one Tweet and use that as your code too. You will have to put in the hard yards. 

The effort seems very much worth it though, especially if you get the specialist perks from the boardroom.