How Inventory, Backpacks, and Equipping Items Will Work in CoD: Black Ops 4 ‘Blackout’ Battle Royale Mode

The ‘Blackout’ battle royale mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is set to feature a rather unique inventory system.

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Talking about Blackout in special preview live-stream, Treyarch Co-Studio Head Dan Bunting and Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar discussed how the inventory system will work in the mode.

Players will have five inventory slots, which can be expanded to 10 with a Backpack, which is the only storage-increasing item currently in the game.

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However, players can equip the following items without having to use up any of their inventory slots.

  • 2 Weapons
  • 1 Health Item
  • 1 Armor Item
  • 1 Backpack
  • Equipment Item
  • About 200 of each Ammo type.

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Players can carry additional Health items and Equipment, which would take up an inventory slot per item, but no additional weapons or armor can be put in the inventory.

This means that players will be limited to carrying a maximum of two weapons at any time. 

As for armor, there will be a designated slot for carrying one piece of armor at a time. There will be three levels of armor scattered throughout the map, with each level offering increased protection. 

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Inventory management will be divided into two primary ways: the Inventory Menu and Quick Inventory. 

The Inventory Menu will be used to manage a player’s entire inventory:

The Inventory Menu allows you to manage everything you have. You can consume Perks, drop Items for teammates, equip Attachments, and more.

The Quick Inventory will be a better option when under pressure, as it will offer a chance to quickly change things in the inventory without taking too much time.

The Quick Inventory Menu will appear the first time you have something that you can Interact with in your Inventory. The goal of the Quick Inventory menu is to allow you to quickly change what you have in your Inventory for what you have Equipped.

– You can change the type of Health item will be used when you heal

– Activate a Perk Consumable

– … and even change out Attachments on your weapons

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There is also a set system for equipping items found in the Blackout world without having to use either of the two Inventory Menus. 

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For example, if you are looking at an attachment, the default action will be to equip it on the gun you are holding in your hands if that weapon supports that attachment. The secondary action, if your Inventory is not full, will be to add it to your Inventory space.

Additionally, Items will be auto-equipped in the order they were picked up. If the first Equipment you pick up happens to be a Frag grenade and the second Equipment you grab is a Concussion grenade, you will auto-equip the Concussion grenades when you use all the Frag grenades.

Source – Treyarch

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