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Game-breaking Warzone bug makes attacking impossible in Payload

Published: 6/Aug/2021 23:05

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone Season 4 Reloaded brought over Payload, a Limited Time Mode that has aspects of multiplayer. Players are loving this mode as a way to level up weapons and get high kills as you have unlimited respawns. However this new bug makes attacking unplayable.

The community has had a lot of mixed reviews but many players have said it is a great way to level up guns and get challenges completed.

Payload is the first objective based game mode to reach Warzone. Players in this game mode are split into two teams of 20 in a best-of-three round match. Both teams get a chance to attack and defend but if it’s tied teams will go to a sudden death tiebreaker round.


However, this latest bug will make you never want to be on the attacking side of things, as you’ll never be able to win the round.

Warzone Payload Guide
When attacking on Payload players must stay on the cargo truck to move it across the finish line.

Payload glitch stops it from moving forward

Waronze players that have been playing the new game mode have already run into a game-breaking bu that causes the payload to halt its movement forward, even though nothings there.

To no surprise invisible barriers are causing Warzone players to lose their minds, as seen in the Reddit clip below posted by ‘daisy679’ showing the payload apparently stuck behind one.

That particular location the payload is stopped is also a great place for defenders to build blockades to try and slow it down already. However, as seen in the video there’s not a barrier built by the defenders in the way — so the cargo truck should still be moving along the path.


It is unclear if there was a barrier there earlier on in the game, but regardless there isn’t one there now. On top of that, the payload wasn’t being contested by the defenders, so it definitely seems like it should have been moving.

It is unsure if the devs are aware of this issue as it seems most of the focus has been toward Season 5 of Warzone but players are hoping for a quick fix to this, as it completely prevents them from winning rounds on the attacking side.